Silverblue logo redesign


I think the new Fedora logo is gorgeous and would like to see some of that love be shown to the Silverblue logo as well. Next to the new Fedora logo it looks a bit dated :grin:

I think the overall design idea and branding has cemented itself but some touching up would be nice. Here are some mockups I’ve done:

Fedora Edition


What are your thoughts? Is there any interest for a new logo?


:heart::heart::heart:. I liked it.

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Is it possible to keep a sort of “silver/blue” style and still update it? The original logo really had that right with the two colors like that.


I really like this @vilmasvensson. I suggest opening a ticket with the Design team to work with them on getting this updated (assuming Team Silverblue is on board, of course).


I really like it, but is the Silverblue logo used somewhere within the operating system or is it only used on the web page?

The problem with multiple colors is complexity and is not suitable in all use cases. Ideally a logo should be as versatile as possible. However, I could see a more “silverblue” blue color being used. Currently it’s the same color as the Fedora logo.

I get what you mean, a logo should definitely work on it’s own, but there’s nothing inherently bad with accompanying text.

if you could somehow blend the f / 8 fedora logo in to the square silverblue logo it would rock.

I think it would aid recognition if the Silverblue logo is distinct from the Fedora logo, but still fit in to the Fedora family. Thank you for your input!

Thank you! I have now opened a ticket!

I’d try to keep the original shape of the tree and just remove the second color. This might not work if you have to print a very small version but looks better IMHO. You wouldn’t be able to see the dots in small favicons but that shouldn’t be a problem.

EDIT: And it might not be necessary to use the same color combination.

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+1 to keeping the small dots. For me, it’s part of the identity of the logo. Without them it looks more like a footprint (maybe of some alien?).

Have you read the Silverblue logo story? Perhaps a bit of backfilling of the logo story would help in logo (re)design? is a good place to look, in particular the “Team Silverblue - The Origins” would seem fitting. As far as I know the logo was a culmination of effort by many people and reflects the atomic nature of the OS and respects the colors of Fedora. The image is meant to be a leaf, I think.


I have, a very interesting read!

You are right, the original tree does not scale down very neatly. I’d like to keep the identity of the original logo but improve it’s usability.

Based on input, here is a second iteration with a slimmer shape and a color change:

I really like - loving it!! :heart: :heart: :heart:

Love the logo… how about to making the fedora text as same size as SILVERBLUE text?

I agree. It looks more like a leaf with two tone colours, which keeps inline with the tree theme, something like this very rushed example?


Definitely something like this! :smiley: the “silver + blue” part of the image now shows through. I always liked how the original logo was so clear to the name. Yeah :smiley: I like it.


Hi… I’ve submitted the idea on open ticket given by @vilmasvensson

Thanks :slight_smile:

While we’re experimenting, another idea is to just go with the leaf in ostree as opposed to git nodes. A gradient is also an option:


looks quite nice! <3

It looks nice with the gradient :slight_smile: