Welcome to Fedora Silverblue

Good news everyone!

There have been lots of changes recently: Fedora CoreOS has been announced, the Silverblue community has grown, and Fedora has initiated this discussion site.

Now we can look into migrating the current content of the Silverblue community over here as this discussion encompasses all of Fedora, it’s great, and it makes it easier regarding privacy and creating accounts. Until then the current Silverblue community content stays in read-only mode and will not be deleted.

If you haven’t yet made a Fedora account and do not want to create one, please use the mailing lists, websites, and IRC channels provided for your topics of interest. Otherwise, we can recommend the Fedora Discourse forum to continue all Silverblue-related conversations.

Thank you for all your contributions over at the Silverblue community and welcome to the Fedora space!


It was with this that I was in doubt: It seems redundant to be on the mailing list and here at the same time. So I can consider that what is debating here, certainly is also a debater in the mailing list? As a mirror?

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Sorry for the late reply, @lobocode - no, the forum is independent of the mailing list. I’d subscribe to the Silverblue category on Discourse in addition to the mailing list if you don’t want to be on Discourse. The mailing list exists because some people prefer one, some the other - everything relevant will be added to the issue tracker and discussed in the meetings.

You can basically view the forum as a place for people who are not into mailing lists, the mailing list for where many of the current core developers feel more comfortable, and the issue tracker as the place where stuff gets formally acknowledged as an item for implementation (or not).

Ok, Sanja. I will try to participate in meetings with more frequency! :slight_smile:

It’s great if you can participate in the meetings but they’re usually in the evening for Europeans, which means I can’t make it all the time either.

Things that need to be there for everyone to view will be on Pagure - for Silverblue, I encourage people to use the forums here as they’re timezone-independent and sometimes people will answer or ask questions if they stumble upon it via a search which is nice.

No problem Sanja. I’ve planning to move from CZ soon. :slight_smile:

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