Switching from Clear Linux

I just wanted to share some observations with the community about my experience with Silverblue. I am primarily a macOS user at work and home, but for about a year and a half I’ve been tinkering with Clear Linux. I also tried Ubuntu and a few other distros. Clear Linux is really fast and very secure and stable, partially because the Intel engineers have the inside track on their own processors. However, the Clear Linux community leaves something to be desired.

The forums have been pretty much dead since Intel announced that the desktop environment for Clear Linux wasn’t under active development anymore. In contrast, this forum is very lively with a lot of interesting discussion. If you ask a question about Clear Linux, you are either told that they “don’t have time for beginners” and the solution is usually “write your own code.” Not very welcoming or inclusive. On this forum, people are helpful and friendly, and offer solutions to newbies. If the goal is broader adoption of Fedora and its variants, a welcoming community of experienced users is a way to achieve that goal.

Sliverblue (immutable) is similar enough to Clear Linux (stateless) that I haven’t had any trouble adapting. I’m glad I made the switch to a distro that has some life in it. Very much enjoying Silverblue and hoping to continue learning about it on this forum.


Hi, not sure you have come across Fedora Discussion, it’s a forum dedicated to the development of Fedora Linux and the Fedora Project. It’s actually not meant to deliver user-support, however, if you look at the Silverblue category, I am sure you’ll find a lot of interesting topics and solutions there: https://discussion.fedoraproject.org/c/desktop/silverblue/6

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