Fedora Silverblue short appreciation post

I’ve been using Fedora Silverblue for a few months now, and it’s been quite the smooth journey so far! The fact that I have an immutable and nearly unbreakable system, toolbox for a clean development environment, plus the fact that I can roll back to a previous deployment when something goes haywire, is simply amazing.

Good job to the Team Silverblue for bringing this awesome distro to life! :smile:


and toolbox on workstation. Brilliant.


I managed to break my grandma’s Silverblue instance, but fully agree. It is a great product indeed.

Silverblue of course isn’t truly perfect, it’s still prone to breaking but it’s still a great product when you don’t want to tinker with it too much :bluethumb:

Sorry I mean “project” rather than “product”. Anyways…

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