Why do you use Silverblue?

Hi, I’m Nick, my first question is a really general question, sorry!
I installed Silverblue because I think the immutable OS can save me from sysadmin headaches. But I have no idea why other people like it, or even if anyone else likes it.

If you’re using Silverblue, why did you pick it?

I installed Silverblue 31 a week ago because I like the immutable idea. I’m using it for virtual machines, and I’ve been getting nerdy and drilling down into the rpm-ostree/libostree/toolbox setup. Now it’s occurred to me I don’t know the big picture.

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Yeah, I also like the OS being immutable and the integration with (toolbox/podman) containers and Flatpak.

The fact that you can pin deployments is really cool (I have Silverblue 30/31/32 beta available on my grub entries).

You want rawhide? No problem, it is a rebase away.

Feeling like having KDE, XFCE or a more basic system? Sure, rebase via https://discussion.fedoraproject.org/t/kinoite-a-kde-and-now-xfce-version-of-fedora-silverblue/.

I mean, Silverblue is relatively new and can feel unpolished for some people, but for me is great!


I love Fedora and want to contribute back to the community. Testing Silverblue by using it daily is one way of doing it for me; using Silverblue feels like being a part of something that’s going to be great in the future (immutable OS ftw).


A bit weird, maybe, since this is still early stages of both Silverblue and the Podman (including Toolbox) ecosystem, but system stability and low maintenance overhead is essential to me. I use my computer for 50% development work and 50% browsing/writing. I don’t want to have hundreds of rpms (or debs or pacman packages) installed as root, copr repos and whatnot and open the door to dependency hell. I want to install simple cli tools (say, from pre-built binaries) that I put in .local/bin (or using pip --user for python and rbenv for ruby) and other stuff I put in a container, either Toolbox (more complex stuff that requires interaction) or Podman proper (simpler stuff).

I felt vindicated in my choice recently when Silverblue saved me and my employer a couple of hours or work recreating a dev environment or looking for the broken updated package: Toolbox broken again (crun update in 31.20191112.0) Instead I just used the rollback feature and waited a few days.

Some of my friends that use other distros asked me why do I use Silverblue when I can have Arch/Ubuntu/Debian + Timeshift + btrfs… well, why would I complicate things? Silverblue has the rollback superpower built in and it’s the only backup I need.
Other than that, I really love the concept of immutable OS - I consider it to be the future of Linux OS on desktop as well as on mobile.

More secure, more stable, easy to rollback or rebase - just easy and functional. Also, toolbox is really useful :wink:
Fedora has a bright future, mark my words…