Fedora Silverblue as main daily on everything is actually really awesome now

Been wanting for year now to switch Workstation to Silverblue and many times setting up and testing i Love Silverblue, but it had some things that wasen’t ready to full switch for creativity, designing, Photo and Video editing and My Cyber security and Ethical hacking journey until now…

i am not sure have i grown and learned so much or is Silverblue evolved and got so much better or is it all together, but i really love this now

Setup i have made to run every daily tasks and workflows are Host as title says Silverblue 40, Layered packages only 1password 1password-cli akmod-nvidia akmods google-chrome-stable nodejs nordvpn rpmdevtools xorg-x11-drv-nvidia-cuda

this setup works really nice no issues no restrictions Darktable and Gimp as flatpaks does the basic Photo editing for me and Color grading and other tweaks i Use DaVinci resolve Studio that is installed as Toolbox container davincibox and video editing same.
inkscape does drawing stuff and designings pretty nice now and using Pentablet for good controls noi issues there again and installed as Flatpaks.

For Coding and Programming i have JetBrains all products subscription and all apps managed by JetBrains Toolbox and installed as AppImages no issues works really nice and does the work i need most used WebStorm, Clion, Pycharm, Space and RustRover with Blender since i do and learn still to master 3D interactive Web development using custom shaders, Three.js and WebGL

Cyber Security stuff running on Gnome Boxes 2 separate VM’s one for attack aka penetration testing and one for Defense purposes and one vm running Windows 11 when i need it mostly not, but it needs to be there still

as for enhancement for security everything is managed for1Password with encrytption, masterpassword, biometrics authentication, 2FA and Yubikey just to be sure all connections SSH, remote CLI etc managed there and each time push, pull connect need to have permission to authentication services with yubikey and biometrics just to be sure

System Runs 24/7 NordVPN with full protection rules threat protections, browsing protection, file scans and killswitch, dns spoofing etc and when need just switching to Obfuscated servers for more privacy

i think this is gonna be really really good distro especially for CyberSecurity and penetration/defense workers and it has matured so much and i am really happy for all the work Community has been doing here and clad to be part of the community


How coincidental! I just switched to Fedora Atomic (Silverblue/Kinoite) as well :P.

I had a pretty good start with the OS. My workflow didn’t change too much, I only have to familiarise myself to install flatpak apps instead of native packages.

For apps/packages that aren’t available on Flathub or Fedora flatpak repo, rpm-ostree is easy to use, but does take pretty long to install. I guess this is a normal thing for atomic distros because I used Vanilla OS and did experience the same.

Overall, I quite like it.


Try to use flatpak and toolbox or distro box if possible and layer only if you need system wide apps…

For my layers are all crucial on system wide access as like VPN, password manager and security and nodes because I use app images for code editors so better that way…

Toolbox/distrobox is way to go most of cases if flatpaks dosent work or not work as should

But yes I really like this setup now

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I went more privacy and started to degoogle everything…

Lost my head of nordVPN issues and support and deleted everything even I had 2 years still left subscription and took proton VPN ultimate and it works so much better on Fedora I am so happy.

Switched also my 1password to proton ultimate subscription with proton drive and proton email

Firefox as default browser and moved all my outlook and Hotmail accounts out aka migrated emails to proton and deleted those same happened to google account

Next step is degoogle my pixel 7 pro that start now to GrapheneOS


Welcome to Proton!

I have been using some of their services on the Free plan for almost a year now and I am quite happy with it. My ultimate goal is to get the Mail Plus subscription but I am still in year 1 and 2 of uni so that is something for the near future.

I do have some complaints about the Free plan though:

Proton Mail: Mostly good, but I can only have one filter so I couldn’t organise my mails.

Proton Calendar: No CalDAV support (for all plans if I am correct), so I couldn’t use a 3rd-party calendar app.

Proton Drive: None. The 2GB capacity is good enough for my needs. I even got 5GB of space back when Proton decided to raise the storage for a limited amount of time!

Proton VPN: Recently they remove the feature to pick 3 countries (US, JP and NL) and instead a shortcut to connect to the Fastest server with 2 more additional countries. It’s really a bummer to be honest, but I can still configure manually with OpenVPN.

Proton Pass: For some reason, I can only have 3 2FA codes at max. Very weird, so I moved to using KeePass instead :P.


Calendar has caldav I just imported all on my outlook and Hotmail eetc

Filters more on behind paywall

Proton drive really good and have photo backups too straight uploads and encrypted

ProtonVPN app use that it is just superpower’s I have it on my silver blue layered gui to manage all settings and connections

I haven’t seen any issues I use passkeys and 2fa too and imported all from 1password

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I didn’t realise just now that I can share my calendar as a CalDAV link :P.

I use Koofr to store my photos instead. My gallery is very big.

I am considering storing my KeePass database on Drive but since I can’t sync the file with iOS properly yet, I will store it on Koofr which supports WebDAV.

Fedora SilverBlue is also my daily driver.

It’s great apart a few issues I’ve reported in Memory / Freeze / High CPU / OOM Killer known problems & Fedora - #5 by deepspace9
I’m also using Proton products - and I’m happy.
Be aware that Proton Calendar is not that readable if you’ve many events / and Proton Mail needs a few improvement (scaling, scroll bar sometimes not very visible).
The Proton Mail import-Export tool is great - but I got a couple of mails not imported / error raised (way too many attachments if I remember correctly)

When I migrated from Pop_OS! to SilberBlue :

  • I had to buy a new portable scanner (old one required a RPM writing in /opt and /usr/bin).
  • to install autofs (through rpm-ostree) to use my NAS shares - beware you need to mount under /var
  • buy a new Windows licence to migrate my test Windows 10 VM (used for Office as LibreOffice compatibility is still an issue) from Virtualbox to Gnome Boxes - I tried to import my VM but it didn’t kept my licence information. I tried to use some tricks such as using
    /sys/firmware/acpi/tables/MSDM & /sys/firmware/acpi/tables/SLIC with no success.

I’m still using KeepassXC - but I’m migrating to Proton Pass. Need to sync all.

My current rpm-ostree configuration is :

RemovedBasePackages: noopenh264 0.1.0~openh264_2.4.0-1.fc40
          LayeredPackages: autofs distrobox file-roller-nautilus gnome-tweaks gstreamer1-plugin-openh264 intel-media-driver inxi langpacks-fr libva-utils mozilla-openh264  openssl p7zip p7zip-plugins sxiv tcpdump
            LocalPackages: rpmfusion-free-release-40-1.noarch rpmfusion-nonfree-release-40-1.noarch

I’m using :

  • file-roller-nautilus because I want sometimes just to extract a few files / just view the content
  • openssl as I used GSConnect to transfer files from my phone.
  • inxi as it is great to gather information about the system - more detailed information than through Gnome control panel. It should be part of default installation IMHO
  • mozilla-openh264 as I had some issues with videos in Firefox and moved to Mozilla Flatpak.
    *intel-media-driver due to some CPU issues when plahying videos

I use an ArchLinux Toolbox with some tools such as yt-dlp & unrar but I need to consider Distrobox.

I tried to degoogle my phone - try DivestOS but many apps depend on Google Play Services and using Banking apps on unofficial firmware is a risk. Privacy & Security are 2 different topics …


I see no layered proton apps on silverblue I had to layer protonVPN and proton mail desktop those are so good ones.

De-google I went GrapheneOS and there is no issues from banking apps and I can use play store services since those are sandboxes and compatible layered so privacy is still top notch

Week or so using degoogle Pixel7 as grapheneOS is pretty nice took some time to learn some stuff and finding still google alternative apps etc, but as I saw I had to rely more and more on banking apps and OTP verifications had to install sandbox google services and apps there and it seems banking apps still blocks OTP and locks apps/account as compromised access somehow…

Had to go back to google android and no issues there, but I guess there is ups and downs on everything so I use now my pixel as personal only and work I ordered Pine phone pro

Some other degoogle deMicrosoft stuff has been made as I migrated my Jetbrains space to Jetbrains space code that is beta early testing now and it is alternative to GitLab/GitHub and I actually deleted both accounts and moved everything to space code platform and I like it. Will post more about code space stuff after I get more days on it

And what comes for some proton native apps like mail for desktop and password app those has some issues still since no repository only local package installs and there is conflicts when trying to install both so now I am using PWA apps for those

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I missed the old days of installing custom Android ROMs. Back then I had an Xperia Z5 Premium that was running LineageOS 18 with microG or actual GApps. Very usable, but I don’t know if banking apps would work as I didn’t have one in the past.

Now I am using an iPhone 8 Plus, but I still seek out for alternatives to replace the default apps.

Very interesting! I am not into Linux phones that much but I am looking forward for some news.

I like Codeberg the most but I still use GitHub :P.

pinephone looks promissing for the most for all around stuff and custom roms etc

i just going for one service for now way too much spread everywhere like github, codepen, vercel, gitlab etc way too much

some updates on system setup and it is more simple now atleast it looks simple

email client went to Thunderbird and then using Proton bridge with split all mail addresses, so now i can use proton security and services with proton bridge to thunderbird. and can access business emails on same client. This was huge improvment to my setup, but need to figure how i can sync/import proton calendars to thunderbird so then i need only that app

only proton VPN is now layered rest are working on user space and all my Jetbrains apps are installed using there Toolbox app so everything is as APPIMAGE and runs nice and auto updates works there too. On Proton i am waiting and testing does auto updates work on them now too.

all my layered packages and not so many no need too many layers on this setup and i am really happy

State: idle
● fedora:fedora/40/x86_64/silverblue
                  Version: 40.20240611.0 (2024-06-11T00:42:12Z)
               BaseCommit: 76e3cc68e265308e6b6e5fc843382aef54d456e32e2d2bc1a7b21a01df13c013
             GPGSignature: Valid signature by 115DF9AEF857853EE8445D0A0727707EA15B79CC
          LayeredPackages: akmod-nvidia akmods nodejs proton-vpn-gnome-desktop rpmdevtools
            LocalPackages: akmods-keys-0.0.2-8.fc40.noarch

screenshot on all apps i have

then last thing decided to give one more change for GrapheneOS and similar to Linux challenges so went back on there on my Pixel 7 pro