Migrating the Silverblue sites into Fedora space

We have investigated migrating the existing Silverblue content over to this general Fedora discussion. Here are some takeaways we’d like to inform you about:

  • We’re moving the domain teamsilverblue.org to silverblue.fedoraproject.org. We’re currently thinking about having the docs either as a /docs URL or within the Fedora documentation itself. Which version would you prefer? Have the docs on silverblue.fedoraproject.org/docs or within the regular Fedora documentation?

  • We’d have to contact everyone who contributed to the initial Silverblue forums to register here. Automatic migration is not possible since not everyone used the same name on the intial Silverblue forums as they have in FAS, if they’re even using FAS (Fedora Account System). FAS is an important thing to integrate into the forums as it servers numerous sites and services within Fedora. Since automatic migration is not possible, we ask you to re-create threads you’d like to continue discussing over here and for those where a question was answered, we will include it in a technical FAQ and docs on the Silverblue site.

We’re happy that we could integrate the sites into Fedora space so soon as there are plenty of people involved with these things. Special thanks to the people working on infrastructure who make things happen!

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Related to docs, my small-time opinion is that it should go to http://silverblue.fedoraproject.org/docs, because the silverblue is something totally new (I would like to call it a revolution) and different from a regular “old style” Linux distro or from a Fedora spin, so I think it should have some highlights.

Thank you for your work and efforts.

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I have a super, super strong opinion that we should use the unified Docs site. To me, having it separate would emphasize the idea that the “classic” yum/dnf-rpm is somehow more the proper thing. And I don’t think we want that.

Additionally, I want to help people with the idea that they can find Fedora documentation in one easy space, without having to look all around on various subdomains. And finally, remember that docs.fedoraproject.org has been around for over a decade and has some pretty powerful search engine rank.

This doesn’t preclude having a separate section, though. See for example https://docs.stg.fedoraproject.org/en_GB/council/ (ignore the en_GB — that’s a temporary hack). And it can be backed by its own completely separate git repo.


I love the unified thing, not just for doc, download links should be merged too somewhere in the near future :wink:

Doc unification would be definitely a good long/mid term goal, but I think for now the faster is going separate.

In fact, unless someone is volunteer to do it in the unified repo, I will go separate since I have been asked to look at that part of the hosting. And if I am the one doing the job, I am going to do the faster so we will not be blocked on it.

And yes, I do think for now that classic Fedora is more polished and more mature than Silverblue, and the doc/website should reflect that. The tooling of classic is more mature (just the speed of the mirrors from Europe), the people in LUG doing support know how to fix things (while I did spent 3h to make my system boot after removing 1 swap partition, and fixing Linux is my daily job since years), the number of software properly packaged is bigger (in Gnome software, cause no rpm are show, and I am sure this would confuse users). That are all problem that will be fixed, I have no doubt on that. But until that’s ready for regular users, we should push them to think that yum/dnf-rpm is the proper way.

Now yes, we should always keep in mind the unification and I will keep that in mind, make sure that moving is painless, make sure we do not duplicate too much things, make sure we can transition, etc, etc.

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@mattdm said that the unified repo is not necessary to host the docs on docs.fedoraproject.org

dosc.fedoraproject.org/silverblue on a separated repo would be much slower to deploy than silverblue.fedoraproject.org/docs ?

Ok, so it’s probably best if we have the separate repositories for Silverblue, CoreOS, and container docs but within docs.fedoraproject.org. Let’s see how quickly we can get this set up.

Maybe a little slower than usual since so many people are traveling for Flock…

Hello everybody!

I think that putting everything together into one thing is the best alternative. I’m afraid the Fedora project will become so complex (like a hydra) …what would be confusing for everyone. I think it’s a great idea to put information all on a single page like docs.fedoraproject.org. In my humble opinion, simplicity is the secret to success for everything. So, if possible, we will keep the organization of the projects as simple as possible!

Yes, @lobocode - that’s right, we’re working on it.

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