A blog exclusively for Silverblue


Hello! I want to start a new blog with guides and news exclusively for Silverblue

It is just a blog, there isn’t much to describe, but here’s a quick draft

The reason I’m sharing it here, is first to inform you, and second to ask for a sponsored hosting from RH/Fedora if possible. I will also contact OpenShift Team

Thank you


Hey @alex285, seen it on Twitter. I like the idea and what you’ve written up.

From the project side, if we sponsor this, we’ll ask for one thing which is to refrain from offensive phrasing (I know you said no offensive content, so we’ll take your word on that) towards similar projects. So rather than saying “so and so is shit” explain why it is not as good as something else. You’re doing a good job there on the Medium posts - thank you!

If OpenShift can sponsor the hosting directly, that’s even better. Let’s coordinate further via DM.


just leaving a msg that i already talked with @sanja so that wouldn’t feel like i’m ignoring the thread :slight_smile: