Silverblue SIG meeting topics, minutes and discussion [05/06/2023]

As discussed, we now have a Silverblue SIG! And the first meeting is on Monday, 5th June at 1400UTC. If you’d like to attend then please join on Matrix (#silverblue on LiberaChat IRC), where a Jitsi link will be shared to enter the meeting.

The meeting will follow a simple agenda, with topics proposed in this thread and given priority based on the amount of :bluethumb: they get. Please propose a topic in this thread directly, and use the Reply button to discuss a specific topic. Only non-reply messages with :bluethumb:s will be counted, and no other react emoji will be counted. Time will be managed in an attempt to get through all topics, but where necessary the lowest :bluethumb:'d topics may be cut.

Please note the issue tracker! The best place to raise bugs and enhancement requests are in the tracker, and attaching an issue to your topic is a great thing to do :grinning: however, it is not mandatory.

When the meeting is over minutes will be placed in this thread for further discussion, and a new topic will be created a week after the meeting has taken place.

As a starter topic (and a framework for submitting topics), I would like to propose:

Silverblue website updates

We’ve just got a great new website (thank you to everyone that participated in this issue and the associated pull request) but the text of the page still uses domain-specific language that describes “what” Silverblue is, but not “why” you should care.

I would like to propose that we rewrite the page, and I have two specific ideas:

  • Emphasise the idea that Silverblue is a “modern” approach to OS design.
  • Emphasise the relationship with containers and CoreOS.
  • Move words such as “immutable” and “atomic” down the page and away from the headings.

An example might be to change the header to “The beautiful Fedora desktop, re-engineered with CoreOS technology. Predictable, reliable and secure.”

Note that there is already an update going through the system here, which does some great work improving the text. This might be just supporting that work.

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I’ll unfortunately likely not be able to attend the first meeting :confused:.

Potential topics for discussion:

I’m afraid I won’t be around next week either.

Bah, immediately add three topics to a single post. How do I :bluethumb: this? :sweat_smile:

With the third topic, how does CoreOS do things? I’ve become intrigued by the idea that Silverblue could get closer to the “CoreOS way” - but I don’t know why it doesn’t currently work as essentially a Workstation edition of CoreOS, so.

Hello, as requested on Matrix, my changes waiting for Production for the Silverblue website are:

  • The top section “Why Go Immutable” and paragraph of text becoming bullet points and “Why Fedora Silverblue”

  • The Community page being re-done as the “Contributing” page.

  • The entire Kinoite page

There’s currently an MR for the difference between Staging and Main:

Outstanding from Allan’s original Github comment would be:

It would be better if the “Documentation” button was labelled “User Guide”

(Site-wide change, not specific to Silverblue)

If there’s opportunity, I’d also like to revisit the copy on the page. Three important goals there:

  1. Clarify the relationship between Silverblue and Workstation.
  2. Pitch Silverblue as more of an emerging technology as a opposed to a finished product.
  3. Avoid silently assuming knowledge (the existing text assumes that the reader is familiar with how Linux distros work). This can be done by either framing the text in terms of the intended audience, or explaining the concepts in a more accessible way.

Hopefully 3 is addressed by the new bullet points. 1 I don’t know the exact answer to, and 2 we can discuss wording on.


Missing ARM ISOs

We should probably talk about this too (ticket here) since I haven’t had any progress on the issue (I posted to the Fedora Respins channel and had no response).

We added a note to the downloads page but really we should ensure Silverblue ARM users have an ISO!

This is the Silverblue SIG, let’s not mix things up :slight_smile:

I like this header a lot! Very precise. Please feel free to change on website as the SIG decides!

Great summary, thank you @dvlv292 ! Silverblue now everything is out at Fedora Silverblue | The Fedora Project. As you say some more oustdanding issues need to be clarified, though I think you resolved both of them. The Next Generation Operating System | The Fedora Project is also shipped, though we still link to the old site as we haven’t gotten an OK yet due to the logo discussion (also applies to Silverblue though the logo question is not a blocker for SB).

This is the Silverblue SIG, not the KDE/Kinoite SIG. Please keep the discussion separated.

See: Silverblue pages should use the Silverblue logo consistently (#209) · Issues · fedora / Fedora Websites and Apps / Fedora Websites / fedora-websites-3.0 · GitLab

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Given that it’s the first meeting of the Silverblue SIG, it would make sense to focus on organisational matters: goals, stakeholders, how to organise the meetings, etc.

Reminder that this is coming up today. This time around I’m mostly just going to see who shows up, and based on that we’ll go through this thread and I’ll minute the discussion :slight_smile:

Meeting 2023-06-05




James: “This should be presented as an interest group rather than a developer team - we aren’t directing development on Silverblue, we’re bringing together stakeholders.”

Website redesign

  • New website is Amazing :smiley:
  • Old website archived on GitHub.
  • Contributing page is currently very light on details.
    • What sort of contributions do we want? Define first.
    • Maybe engage the Join SIG? But this seems to be overwhelmed.
    • (apparently there’s another channel that’s not active)
    • Maybe this SIG can be part of that?
    • Test days?
  • Allan still planning on making some suggestions for the website copy.
  • Bugs and requests now go to the main website repository on GitLab.

Logo redesign

Fedora design team: fedora / Design / Fedora Design / Logos and Branding / Fedora Team + Community Logos · GitLab

  • “Lively” discussion on logo on GitLab.
    • Concerns over logo looking out of character with the rest of the site
    • Old logo will be there for now
    • Logo redesign discussed
    • Suggested that we think about this as part of the overall presentation of the variant, instead of in isolation.
  • Suggestion to open this up to the community
    • This needs to be structured to avoid unnecessary friction - polls?
    • Ultimately you need people with expertise to contribute to the design

Moving all things Silverblue (code & issue tracker) to Fedora namespace on GitLab

This is based on an existing ticket in the tracker. Benefit for Silverblue: Use a single place for all repos, issue tracker, sources, docs, etc.


  • Is GitLab a general direction for Fedora?
    • Decision to move off Pagure due to lack of expertise within the project
    • Nothing “forcing” people, though (Fedora is a community, doesn’t force people)
  • Has the silverblue “team” decided to move to GitLab?
    • Tomas’s views would be valuable here, knows a lot of the history of the project
  • What is Fedora CoreOS doing?
    • Will likely stay on GitHub
    • Lots of integration and history
    • No clear benefit from moving to somewere else
  • What is Fedora Workstation doing?
    • Currently on Red Hat Bugzilla.
    • Plan to push bug reports upstream as much as possible.
    • Again, Tomas’s views would be valuable.

Missing ARM ISOs

This is based on an existing ticket in the tracker. We added a note to the downloads page but really we should ensure Silverblue ARM users have an ISO!

  • James has tried to get progress on this but it seems we need someone that knows how to build the ISOs (at which point the Respins group are happy to host them)
    • Need help!

Relationship between Silverblue and…

  • Workstation
    • “Silverblue is workstation with a different deployment mechanism” ~ Allan
    • Possible eventual replacement for Workstation
    • Workstation WG doesn’t work on Silverblue…
    • …but does consider Silverblue when designing for Workstation
    • Workstation WG is very busy!
  • Other immutable variants
    • Are Kinoite, Sericea, etc spins of Silverblue, or are we all variants of Workstation?

What should be in Silverblue?

(discussion branched off relationship question)

  • Minimal and “full” install suggested - like with Ubuntu Core
  • “Should we differ from Workstation”?


  • Desire to get more WG people here for a few meetings.
  • Desire to get Silverblue “veterans” to attend some meetings.
    • Possibly set up a “virtual retreat” with them?
    • Once the group participants have firmed up
  • Desire to ensure participation is as wide as possible
    • Not excluding people based on timezone (is this the best time for the meeting?)
    • Not excluding people that can’t/won’t attend a sync meeting (utilise Discourse to continue discussion)

This discourse topic will serve as a basis for conversation around the meeting for 7 days after the meeting ends. At that point a new topic will be created to discuss/plan ahead of the next meeting, which is at June 19th at 1400UTC.

Thank you to everyone that joined and/or contributed! It was great to see you all!


Excellent notes, thank you so much for posting!