An update to BabyDora Blog

It’s been a while doing nothing, but I’m active now so here’s a small update! First of, this is a blog exclusively for Silverblue (and OSTree + Flatpak) and GNOME. It will mostly do news, guides and YouTube demos

On guides there will be short guides, like regular blogging, and a small number of guides that I will keep updated, like “Getting Started with Silverblue”, “Set up Android Development Environment” etc

The software I’m using is Ghost for blog, Discourse for comments and I may use GatsbyJS for the guides instead of Ghost static pages. I have already setup and tested that all is working on a dedicated at so it won’t take long to launch it

Yesterday I started working on the theme, just to have something up, but today I realized I didn’t like it, so I made some fast mockups, instead of do and undo and redo on Javascript

The problem I was trying to solve is how to make a very distracting free blog. On typical blogs on the homepage there are listed the posts together with whatever else, on sidebars, menus, banners etc, that is very hard to navigate when there is lot of content

So I changed the rooting to: (no blog) (the blog)

The idea is to add the “whatever” on frontpage and keep the actual blog super clean. That is a bit annoying b/c you need a second click to get inside the blog, so I added some previews

Anyway, since I had brought that up few months ago, it is finally coming, and I hope to see you around!

Those are the mockups; oh and graphics is not very relevant



Inside Post