Which new Fedora logo design do you prefer?



What do you think?





I would suggest also considering the current logo, with an updated wordmark.


You have suggested that already. :slight_smile: But, please read the post. That only addresses a few of the many things that need improvement.


I actually believe that it does. I’ve spent a few hours testing the current
logo, with minor alterations, to meet the requirements set forth in the first
message. See https://pagure.io/design/issue/620#comment-549001 for all but a
variant for screen printing.


I have no opinions on the logo, but is there still an upgrade process called “Fedup”? :wink:


Fedora core 4 looks much more better on the photo, red color -> +100k for visibility.

A lot of blue colors are good only if your company sell water :grinning:


I would like to get Candidate #1: it seems to more clear on different screens, the contrast is better and it’s very similar to the former logo in different applications of it. I suggest to keep the changes small for recognition as a trademark logo. I would like more 3D-effect to get more plasticity and a better look on modern screens. The colours are very good and leave a soothing effect. I hope my thoughts will help the design team.