Has the new Fedora logo design been suspended?

The design of the new Fedora logo, announced with a lot of noise in January and February 2019, why was it not carried forward?
Is it still in development?

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I would hope because somebody realized we don’t actually have a cause to
rebrand, and that it’d cause more harm than good.


Am I the only one that likes the design of the new logo?
This one resembles Facebook way to much…

Completely agree. Having a similar f on a similar colour as Facebook is a very real problem, and the fact that Fedora was slightly earlier doesn’t really help when one is unknown outside of a niche and the other is the most well-known brand in the world. The revised font and typography on the fedora name seemed like an improvement too.

Oh, did some digging now, and seemed like it’s already approved by the council, so it must be happening. Cool!


I hope that, if they go forward with that awful logo, we get a package to
replace it with the True Fedora Logo. Something like fedora-logos-classic.

Yes, it looks approved and it is now a matter of time before it is fully implemented across the Fedora ecosystem.

I am happy with the news. I particularly like the new logo; comparing the ‘classic’ with this approved, it is impossible not to notice how it was decadent, out of adjustment with this decade.

I like it too! The latest version (the branding file from two months ago) is a big improvement over both the current logo, and the early versions (which had a somewhat silly A in the end). It’s nice and consistent now. Looking forward to seeing it in action.

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Hello @ibrahimfreitas,
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Honestly, I also like the current logo more, but the new one is not a complete failure either, so why not give it a chance at least for the time being.
I tend to think about it philosophically, that is in order to move 2 steps forward, we sometimes need to take a step backward or sideways.