I changed the fonts -- and some colors

You may notice some lovely new logos — thanks Máirín Duffy (@duffy)!

We’re still planning on a comprehensive theme from the Design Team, but in the meantime, I:

  1. Changed the body and header fonts to Open Sans and Montserrat, respectively (based on Design Team guidelines Logo/UsageGuidelines - Fedora Project Wiki)
  2. Changed the “tertiary” and “quaternary” colors in the Light theme to be Fedora Blue and Fedora Dark Blue
  3. Changed some of the colors in dark mode to be various Fedora colors
  4. Changed the site default to dark mode. This matches the default for https://chat.fedoraproject.org/ (and contrasts more with our sibling site, Ask Fedora.

Let me know what you think of any of these changes. They absolutely are not set in stone!


Screen Shot 2021-10-27 at 15.32.26

Nice change!

From the Firefox tab, for the Discussion logon, there is a “Fedora Logo” inside the white bubble.
In contrast, in the Main Banner, the white bubble is completely white.

Is this by design?

Scrolling up and down changes Fedora logo.

Yes it does. A feature?

Yeah, it’s by design. Although the scrolling behavior might be kind of a surprise. If you look carefully, notice that it’s switching from the full wide logo to the small square one to make room for the topic title.

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I think I should probably make that one be just the open bubble too.

I’d prefer the smaller one to have the Fedora logo in it otherwise its not super clear what you are looking at - in the context of the full logo + logotype its obvious its fedora and having the logo there is overkill and breaks the pattern we have with other apps. But two speech bubbles are so generic it’s not clear you’re looking at a fedora site with the smaller version and i think it works nicely with the logo in that scenario. It does look like they are aligned a little bit off vertically maybe by a pixel or two but I would like to suggest maybe sitting with it for a bit and see if the oddness wears off over time. (I don’t actually see it as odd btw)

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Okay. :slight_smile: I think that the “blink” as it changes when I scroll is the biggest concern (well, “concern” is a bit strong; that makes it sounds like a bigger deal than it feels like it is to me). Especially on Android, the switch catches my attention.

That alignment problem is much worse over on Ask, and I’ve been planning to do something about it…

I just visited the site and noticed the new site logo. It looks amazing!! :heart_eyes: I really appreciate the visual difference in the corner icon when you begin to scroll down on the site.

Screenshot of Fedora Discussion logo in the top bar of the site when on the top of a page or post.

Nice work @duffy! :100: