Can we get Silverblue branding on Settings?

i already know it will be “no” for the logo, but lets be honest! it would be cooler :slight_smile:

at least if not the logo, instead of saying “Fedora 30” what about to say “Silrveblue 30” or “Fedora Silveblue 30”, or “Fedora S 30” (Windows S concept :blush: ), which is also technically correct and differentiates it from Fedora?

btw since im on GNOME Settings why there is not the responsive ui? (the one w libHandy)


I believe this would be a good change, as it would separate Silverblue from
Fedora Proper to end-users. I believe “Fedora Silverblue %i” would be the most
appropriate choice, as it shows that Silverblue is related to the Fedora
project. Ideally, it would only be “Silverblue” by itself, in the event that
Silverblue left the Fedora project, which is not the case. The distinction
would be useful.

I understand that Silverblue is a distinction at other levels and that at the end of the day it is still a fedora, however, I think it is time to change that paradigm for the end user.
I agree to generate a greater identity around Silverblue (Yeah, it’s still a fedora but it’s different!). Silverblue is not a fedora spin, it already uses other technologies and proposes a different workflow.