I am ok with Fedora Atomic brand now

I know I’m opening up a can of worms, but I just wanted to say that I’m ok with the Fedora Atomic brand now. What put me over was the fact that technically Silverblue and company are not immutable systems, and that atomic would be a better way of describing them. I will miss the fun code names, but I can get behind Fedora Atomic. :slight_smile:

Has your opinion changed on this?


I love Fedora Workstation Atomic


For reference, the previous Council discussion: Issue #361: Re-purpose the Fedora Atomic brand for unbranded rpm-ostree builds of Fedora - tickets - Pagure.io

I’m fine with reviving the brand (I filed the ticket above) but there are details to discuss.

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@mattdm did we ever get permission to use atomic :stuck_out_tongue:

We need to convince @jberkus — if he is on board, the rest will be easy. :classic_smiley:


@jberkus can we please use the Atomic brand :smiley:

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It’s probably been sufficiently long that repurposing the name could be fine. What would we have now?

  • Fedora Atomic Silverblue
  • Fedora Atomic Kinoite

or would we drop the names?

  • Fedora Atomic Workstation
  • Fedora Atomic KDE

I kind of like the fun names, but agree there is a problem with then not being grouped under a common name at the top to kind of indicate their hierarchy.

Just to muddy the waters we could play on CoreOS, but without stomping on it completely. i.e. something like CoreDE (Core Desktop Environment) - could be pronouned two different ways like “chord” or “cor-dee” depending on what we prefer.

  • Fedora CoreDE Silverblue
  • Fedora CoreDE Kinoite

Or “CoreGE” (Core Graphical Environment) and then our mascot can be a Corgi:


I actually like CoreGE :slight_smile:

I think what we’d do for now is keep the fun name Silverblue (so, either still “Fedora Silverblue” or “Fedora Atomic Silverblue”) until we’re ready to declare it as replacing traditional Fedora Workstation — or at least joining it as an alternate deployment of the edition that we promote on an at-least-equal level.

I also think Kinoite has enough of a known stand-alone brand that it could do the same thing… or it could go to “Fedora Atomic KDE”… but I’d leave that up to the Kinoite / KDE folks. I don’t have a really strong preference.

Below that “line”, I strongly hope we can agree that “Fedora Atomic [Desktop Name]” is best, even if the names are fun. However, if I’m outvoted here, at least there’s a grouping!


I would prefer to retain Kinoite at this point. We put a lot of actual work into establishing that brand presence.

I think most of the other “atomic” subbrands have not done so, so retiring them is less of an issue.

I think Silverblue is well established as is Kinoite, and Sericea is getting there. Maybe the name stays the same but the Atomic portion was always about the upgrade path they provided (roll back capability through Atomic Transactions no?), so it could go into the description. Then we could call CoreOS Cobalt :nerd_face:

Although I appreciate the work that we all did to establish those names (Silverblue, Kinoite, Sericea), I think we should drop them. I think it would make much more sense to create a standard that gets applied also retroactively, otherwise we are going to confuse the users even more.

This does seem to be the “right” way to do it. It also is in alignment with the current Workstation name that stands as Workstation regardless of spin, lab or DE choice.

I would simply just start by rearranging the website. No need to change the names or make them really long. Just have a metasite “atomic.fedoraproject.org” or a subcategory “Atomic” on the website and list all versions there.

I am also a opponent of calling Gnome the “Workstation” and the rest just with their Desktop names. All variants ship vanilla versions, there is no “workstation tweaking” or something.

Still possible to hint the use of “Workstation” through placements or comments like “Fedora devs support Gnome the most, the experience will be most stable”

Just my few cents


@mattdm - @jberkus says there’s no legal restriction you probably saw. Berkubernetus: "@nikodunk@mastodon.social @jorge@hachyderm.io @th…" - M6n.io

Edit: this was in response to this: Matthew Miller: "@nikodunk@mastodon.social @jorge @thelinuxEXP@mas…" - Hachyderm.io


My posts self- delete, so my post asking “Im one of the people who put ‘immutable’ in the Fedora navbar - mattdm how about Atomic” got deleted :slight_smile:

Not to inject unnecessary urgency into this, but if there is no restriction to using the Atomic brand, could we get things turned around on the website to update the name grouping in time for the Fedora 39 release?

It would be a nice talking point for the discussion that will ensue, give us a change to switch from describing things as “immutable” to “atomic”, and allow the Budgie SIG to decide whether they want to stick with their code name of Fedora Onyx or be introduced as Fedora Atomic Budgie. Judging by @joshstrobl’s interview on the Fedora Podcast, I think he would prefer the latter.

This is not true. Nobody is allowed to call themselves “Fedora Workstation” except for the GNOME spin.

GNOME Edition :sweat_smile:

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The point is that only the GNOME spin is the Workstation Edition. Nobody else can be that.