Creating the Fedora Atomic Desktops SIG

With the addition of Fedora Onyx in Fedora 39, we’ll have four desktop variants of Fedora based on rpm-ostree and related technologies.

While those variants are each managed independently by their own SIGs, most of the release engineering work and maintenance process (outside of packaging) is shared in the Fedora Infra and in the workstation-ostree-config repo.

This creates a void as we don’t have a great place to discuss changes and issues that impact all rpm-ostree desktop variants and we have to reach out individually to each variants when we make such changes.

While there was an initiative to create a Silverblue SIG, it has been put on hold.

With I am ok with Fedora Atomic brand now - #33 by siosm, we’re looking at unifying all those variants again under the “Fedora Atomic Desktops” banner.

Thus I’m suggesting that we create a Fedora Atomic Desktops SIG. I’ve just created a Matrix room and I’ll likely make a SIG wiki page later.

Do folks want to meet regularly?


Trying to find all Atomic desktops maintainers here: CC @tpopela @aday @joshstrobl @ngompa @alebastr @anthr76 @fale @jkonecny

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I joined in the couple of Silverblue calls that we had before putting that SIG on hold, and would be interested in this one.

Could the channel be “plumbed” to IRC as well, as I’m having issues with my Matrix account (Registration difficulties on

The Matrix / IRC bridge is down so adding an IRC channel would split the discussion right now. Note that Matrix is federated so you can join the channel from any server. You do not need an account on the Fedora instance of Matrix.

I’ve created SIGs/AtomicDesktops - Fedora Project Wiki as a starting point.


I’ve been using Sericea since beta, it’s nice to have a place to discuss Atomic Desktops.

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Hi @siosm sounds like a great idea. :+1:

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For those who are searching, you can access the Matrix also here for now:

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Well, at least having a meeting would be a good start to make sure everyone is on the same page and try to create consensus on action points for short term, medium term, and long term? Then based on that we can determine how frequent we need to meet :smiley:


Sounds like a good idea. I’ll make a poll for a date for us to meet next week.

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To make the new name official, I’ve written the following change request:

Feel free to suggest edits add your name to it if you’re on board.

Here is a link to find a time for the first meeting next week: WhenIsGood: Fedora Atomic Desktops SIG first meeting

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I don’t know how @joshstrobl feels, but could we add the caveat for Budgie to have their name changed from Onyx to Fedora Atomic Budgie (or whatever combination they prefer)? I noticed in the proposal that Onyx was lumped in with the others, but since it technically hasn’t release yet and is new, there is still time to update the name before it gets traction.

Also, are you still trying to get this name change in for Fedora 39, are is it a done deal that this will have to stay for Fedora 40? At that point I guess Onyx would have gone 6 months as the official name, at which point there would be more friction to change it. Though I still think that option would be available to the Budgie SIG.

Onyx is the ostree remote name right now so it’s here to stay, sorry.

I don’t have an opinion on how the Budgie variant is named so this is up to the SIG, but we kind of need a “seal of approval” from the council before we start doing it.

The first meeting of this SIG will happen today at 02:00PM on Monday, October 9, 2023 UTC - in Fedora Atomic Desktops SIG

Sorry missed it. It’s Thanksgiving here.

We’ll have one every two weeks. I’ve updated the Wiki & Fedora Calendar.