Before it's too late: Fedora Silverblue/Kinoite/Sericea need a common name!

There was a pretty old discussion about this topic, I just want to bring it up again:

immutable rpm-ostree based Fedora needs a common name!

I would propose to use “Atomic Fedora” as this sounds good. But other not-complicated but descriptive names could just as well be used. But as these Distros really rise, its so important that they get a common name! I dont want to write “Kinoite/Silverblue” ever again, but noone knows what “Atomic Fedora” is and its not officially named like that.

I would completely leave the “subdistros” out of that naming. Kinoite, Silverblue, Sericea, CoreOS all work fine. But starting with a common name would be soo good. Also, not hiding these distros in the background and again promoting just GNOME would be appropriate for @siosm 's great work too.

I could also imagine

  • Fedora Core
  • Fedora Core KDE
  • Fedora Core GNOME
  • Fedora Core Sway

but that may not be “creative enough”

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just putting CoreOS in here along, even though it may make sense to exclude it, I dont think it should be excluded though, as currently “what to choose? Server, Cloud, CoreOS?” is a confusion I can imagine

I do think we should unify the branding for our immutable desktop variants.

Fedora CoreOS has a completely different initial setup, as well as enough differentiation in use, that I think we’d get more confusion if we branded the immutable desktops as “Fedora Core [DE]”. Fedora CoreOS’ branding should be kept separate from the immutable desktop variants, I think.

Bringing back the old “Fedora Atomic [DE]” though, is something I support.

Recently, at the Fedora Flock(?), someone mentioned that they wanted Fedora to do release naming again, involving the community. I support that as well.

Maybe finding a common name/brand for our immutable desktop variants could be a good application of such a community-based naming process?

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This is I am ok with Fedora Atomic brand now - #5 by mattdm. Please keep the discussion in a single place.