User feedback regarding naming, packaging, and defaults

This was recently shared on Mastodon and it is some good and useful feedback worthy of discussing here. I know some points of this (flathub, naming conventions) have already come up, but it’s good to hear fresh end-user feedback on these things sometimes.

Here’s the conversation in Mastodon: TheEvilSkeleton :silverblue:: "New article! "Where #Fedora #Linux Could Improve"…" - Fosstodon


As a Kinoite user, I often feel like the conventions thing is real. So very few know it exists. I’ve had people ask me if they could somehow remove Gnome and install KDE (or some other DE) instead on Silverblue.

The screenshots for adwaita-qt were also helpful because I’ve definitely seen that before with some Qt apps and didn’t know that’s what was causing it :sweat_smile:.