Pantheon DE - SIG

Hi everyone!

@decathorpe has been doing some great work in packaging the Pantheon Desktop Environment (DE), and it would be awesome if we can work towards providing an official Fedora Pantheon spin.

I was wondering if anyone is interested in starting / joining a Pantheon SIG, who is willing to help with testing, providing feedback and a general interest in seeing a more polished Pantheon DE on Fedora?

Please leave a comment below if you are interested and let’s make this happen!



Hello @amz,
Welcome to the forum. I am sure there are a few Pantheon DE users out there, let’s hope they get involved.

Looks like Great Minds Think Alike here. :slight_smile:

Just rebased and having a play about with it on silverblue just now

We created a dedicated Pantheon DE SIG page, if anyone is interested :slightly_smiling_face: