Silverblue logo redesign

Maybe just change the color will be good idea. I’m trying to use the blue color from new Fedora Logo and give the lighter silver color for replacing the old silver color. Also give grey color for the “silver” text, and blue color for the “blue” text. Cheers :slight_smile:

I’ve already sent my idea in this link too: Issue #763: Fedora Silverblue logo redesign - design -


It would probably be best to define goals for a possible logo change. The purpose of the new Fedora logo was to have a simplified logo that works with just one color instead of three (bubble+f+infinity).

Going down to two colors would be easy, going down to one would at least require to drop the filled background and only have the tree and the edge of the leaf/bubble or a completely different logo. And it would be impossible to have a logo with silver and blue.

Another question is whether a uniform look for all edition logos is desired. For Workstation, Server and IoT that is pretty much the case, while the Silverblue and CoreOS logos are different:

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I think that’s a great idea. A primary goal, i think, should be to be legible at very small sizes (16px). The current logo fails in this regard. Another aspect, as you pointed out, is the amount of colors. Ideally the logo should work in a single color when needed.

I will add this to the ticket.

Although Silverblue is not an app, App Icon Preview does a great job at showing it in different contexts:


You might try reaching out to @duffy since she is part of the team who put together the Fedora Linux Logo. Couldn’t hurt.