Silverblue logo

I know, maybe I could look in some github repo, bit I’m a bit lazy :sweat_smile:
Where can I find an high res Silverblue logo in JPG or PNG format, or also in SVG?

Here are svgs:


A question:

This logo has it been set? Do you accept other design suggestions?

A lot of thought went into the original logo (tree/leaf-based, colors, git-style), so it wasn’t just a quick spur of the moment thing.

You can always send suggestions, though - a logo is never set for eternity. We won’t change it immediately but we can surely put it up for discussion if it fits better.

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I intend to work on other suggestions and present as soon as I’ve something to show. For now, I’d like to understand the concept. Why a leaf with buses that represent technology? I got confused. What’s the relationship of the name Silverblue with leaves? Or, the team’s relationship with Leaf?

That’s some common history when we were trying to find a name. We tried to stay close to OStree but name it something more appealing. Something with leaves was just a natural extension and stuck with us. Some of the renaming that we extended upon when trying to find Silverblue was this rather old issue:

We tried a lot (and really, a lot) of names for availability, look, feel. So there’s no direct relationship other than we wanted something close to OStree but couldn’t come up with something that wasn’t borrowed from another language where you can’t be sure if it has a connotation, tree names didn’t work well because of availability and geographical reasons where we didn’t want it to be close/popular to a certain area only. After a while, you get frustrated with naming, but have to come up with something or leave it Fedora Atomic Workstation where workstation has a connotation of it being old, FAW doesn’t sound good as acronym, and Atomic as such is going away - which means leaving it as is wasn’t an option.

Silverblue refers to shiny blue Fedora, the leaf is a reference to OStree, and the git nodes are because rpm-ostree is often referred to as git for operating system binaries.

Changing the logo for Silverblue is unlikely this year but if you have some designer and naming input for rpm-ostree, that would be very useful since we’re stuck there now and renaming it and giving it a logo would be quite helpful.

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