Kinoite, a KDE (and now XFCE) version of Fedora Silverblue

I’ve just pushed the latest build for F33, F34 & Rawhide. F34 should be Beta content at this point. Enjoy!

I have Silverblue installed as the only OS, with default disk layout and disk encryption. Then I have a rebase to Kinoite which I use as a daily driver for a couple months.

I did a rebase to F34 to test it, but it fails to boot. The console output goes too fast to be able to see exactly where the problem occurs and there are no logs. I made a video where I could barely see that Journal service is started, FUSE control file system is mounted and static nodes in dev are created, and then many trace outputs like RIP: 0010:kobject_put+0x19/0x1d0. After many screens of such output errors, it gets to a wait trying to zram and in the end it freezes, so I can only do a forced shutdown via power off. Repeated CTRL+ALT+DEL presses in the meanwhile again lead to a freeze.

Luckily, as I have pinned both Silverblue and Kinoite in several versions, I can still boot and continue working :slight_smile:

I do have extensive experience on various Linux distribution, but I have not touched Fedora until now and anything Redhat I used was before 2000. Silverblue and Kinoite are setup a bit different, so I have trouble finding the right documentation on capturing logs from the boot process. There is nothing at all in /var/log or journal from this specific boot that has failed. I can only see the logs from boot processes before that, and after that. Can you direct me to the relevant docs on how to capture the trace outputs to be able to find the problem and report it where relevant.

Can you create a new thread in the Silverblue section? You will get more visibility as this thread here is only for updates about Kinoite and other variants status.

I will move that discussion to the Silverblue section. I just found that this is a recently reported issue where DELL laptops are affected and there is a fix in rawhide kernel. For now, if anyone else is affected, the temporary fix to be able to boot for me was to add the modprobe.blacklist=dell_wmi_sysman option at boot time.

I only have one issue with F34 Kinoite now, and this is probably due to differences in the official infrastructure and the Kinoite builds. I use a toolbox to manually build v4l2loopback, and for this to work, the same version of the kernel and modules at the host and the toolbox are needed. It will sort out when things get synchronized, and in the meanwhile I keep pinned several versions of F33. It is just something one has to have in mind.

I think there’s some conflict with some mixture of gnome with kde
Could you find out if there are any problems?

To help you here, we need you to tell us which version you are running and what’s exactly the issue.
If you are running Silverblue or Kinoite, then please open a new thread in the corresponding category with as much information as possible about your issue.

I’d like to keep this thread focused on general variants status updates or specific requests about missing software in the variants and not go into bug reporting for each variant.


could you pay attention to fedora deepin 34 and rawhide?

They are working well if I install the package by individual package, the rebase is out of date

I switched the server again to a more powerful one. Updates should go much faster!

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I rebuild all variants the same day, usually at the beginning or end of the week. What packages are missing? Which one are outdated? I can not do daily builds. If you want a specific variant to be updated faster then you need to work to make it official in Fedora or take on maintenance.

the missing package is the login manager, lightdm

Lightdm automatically takes on the theme of deepin

Submitted 1946735 – Missing lightdm dependency to figure out what to do here.

So, I’ve just realized that I have been pushing updates to the wrong server for a while :sweat:.
I’ve just synced the new server so hopefully this time everyone gets updates for the F34 release tomorrow!


hey Siosm, is there some site with instructions etc, for all this?

Links from Current status of Fedora Kinoite should help. Let me know if you’re missing something.

And the latest update is broken due to the podman broken update: [BUG] toolbox broken after 2:3.2.0-0.1.rc1.fc34 update · Issue #166 · fedora-silverblue/issue-tracker · GitHub


$ rpm-ostree override replace
$ rpm-ostree ex apply-live --allow-replacement # or reboot
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Hi can I rebase my current silverblue install to kinoite, or is it better to do a fresh install?

As we do not yet have an installation media for Kinoite, you will have to install Silverblue first and rebase. Any existing Silverblue installation should work. Or you can do a direct installation with Kinoite but this is a little bit more complex as you will have to do it with a Kickstart file.

Installers will be available once we start building Kinoite officially in Fedora (soon).

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Thanks for your reply I have an existing Silverblue installation so I’ll have a go at rebasing tomorrow :blush:

To update - I rebased to Kinoite for which the process succeeded, however, not without problems quiet a lot of things were missing such as Konsole it was installed just did not show up in the menu I could run Konsole if I ran it from CLI but for me there was too much missing so I will do a fresh install and try Kinoite that way.

How awesome is Silverblue though, I simply rebased back to Silverblue and everything is where I left it.

Loving SB :grinning:

Well I did a fresh install and realised that is how the system comes with a very basic set of apps. I’ll work on this later and install the remaining items.

This is interesting and sounds similar to the issues detailed in this thread. Did you also experience missing .desktop files and kf.service related errors when starting KDE applications from a terminal emulator? I’m still trying to do my best to diagnose what’s going on with Kinoite on my machine, but I’m merely an end-user and not a dev, so my approach is pretty scattershot, admittedly. :sweat_smile: