Kinoite, a KDE (and now XFCE) version of Fedora Silverblue

Improving the situation on this front is definitely on my TODO list once we have Kinoite build by Fedora infrastructure. The best option would be having daily master Plasma / Qt builds on top of stable Fedora available for KDE developers to test via Kinoite.

Ideally it should build as frequent as CI here: All [Plasma] [Jenkins].
But even daily builds would help a lot.

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Fedora 34 has been branched, so I’ve published f34 refs for all variants. I’ve only lightly tested the KDE ref so beware dragons!

Fedora Kinoite (KDE) has also been accepted for Fedora 35! :tada: Rawhide builds will appear first in the coming weeks/months.



Another temporary solution for the SDDM error at login is to add the following tmpfiles config in /etc/tmpfiles.d/sddm.conf:

Z /var/lib/sddm - sddm sddm - -

I don’t know why, but moving the KDE plasma settings in depth makes the kinoite 33 and 34 buggy

With other interfaces this does not happen

Hi @omlet1241. If you have a specific Plasma bug that you can reproduce then you can report that at with as much details as possible to help get it fixed.

I don’t know what the problem is

I downloaded fedora 33, created a new account, rebase to the coreos, and installed sddm and plasma-desktop

In short, I don’t think the system settings

If you rebased to Fedora CoreOS then you’re not using Kinoite. You probably need to add a lot of other packages to have properly working Plasma session on top of CoreOS.

rebase to Core os as an experiment

But then I did a rebase for the kinoite and it’s still the same, right now I’m using the fedora kinoite lxqt 33,

The server hosting the unofficial builds is currently down due to a fire in OVH datacenter:

any prediction to host on another server?Temporarily

I’ll probably setup a new server in the coming days but I don’t have a full local copy of the ostree repo so I will have to start from the latest backup I have which is a little bit old. Hopefully that should not be an issue.

The repository is back online with the backup I had which is approximately two months old. Will push a new build in the coming days.

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Thanks for all the work you’re doing on Kinoite! :+1:

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@Siosm it was just to mention that some important applications for lxqt are missing

Like for example the qps

Once I find out which packages are missing from lxqt, I’ll be back here

I’ve just pushed a new update for F33, F34 and Rawhide to the repo. The repo is temporarily hosted on the previous slower server while I get another faster one back online.

Make sure to pin your current deployment or the ones you want to keep as backup as I won’t be able to bring back the history even if/when I get access to the server back. I’ve tested the update for Kinoite so at least those should work.

@Siosm can you remove Firefox from the kinoite base rebase?

This has been discussed several times:

I’m personally against it as I think it makes it really hard for people to figure out what happened if we remove the default browser from the image in an update or if they uninstall it by mistake. Overall, having a browser always be included in the image makes for a better user experience.

If you don’t want to have the browser listed as installed, you can use:

$ rpm-ostree override remove firefox

Applications are not provided in the base image by default as they should either be provided via Flatpaks or overlayed as needed.

What applications are missing?