Introducing Fedora Silverblue Cinnamon

I’ve created a Cinnamon variant of Fedora Silverblue, basing my work on Fedora Kionite, following the instructions here: Kinoite, a KDE (and now XFCE) version of Fedora Silverblue - #25 by Siosm

The Cinnamon config files can be found in the f34 branch of my fork of the workstation-ostree-config repo here: Tree - workstation-ostree-config - There is already a pull request to merge this upstream.

With some guidance, I would be willing to maintain this variant as I am planning to use this as my daily driver once I iron out the kinks and reinstall my laptop.

My goal for this variant is to keep the image as minimal as possible with a functional Cinnamon DE. That means virtually no default apps and leaving everything up to the user to install their apps from flatpak.

I’ve tested the variant and it successfully boots. The only hiccups I’ve found are that some SELinux alerts have been tripped by rtkit-daemon and slick-greeter and there’s no working software store and update system. dnfdragora-updater is installed but doesnt work with rpm-ostree. Its likely that I will replace this with gnome software for the time being.

I will continue to work out the kinks and continue testing. If you have any questions, comments, ideas or feedback, feel free to post. I want this variant to be as community driven as much as possible.



A couple of suggestions:


As kinoite is a shiny blue mineral, you could go for another mineral, perhaps cinnamon colored, like sienna.

Or pick another brownish one like siderite.

…but “sienna” sounds a bit like “cinnamon”. (“Siennamon” :wink:)


As mentioned above, Sienna is a great suggestion.

I’d like to suggest “Cinnablue” as the name, but I’m not sure if that would be stepping on any toes since it sounds so close to “Silverblue” (which is actually why I like it, haha.)

Maybe even “Siennablue” for a best of both worlds kinda thing? :grin:

Anyway, great work! It’s good to see other variants being maintained.

Hello @beatlink ,
Welcome to the community! Thank you for putting the time and effort necessary into such a worthy exercise. @siosm Is sure to have lot’s of relevant advice, as for the name I would suggest a poll to get a feel for the community take on it. If you need one setup, let me know.

To add, there’s this mineral with the same category (sorosilicates) as kinoite, also with cinnamon colors!

Unfortunately this one doesn’t have a trivial pronunciation, but hey I’ll shoot a shot here

Addendum: As a little interesting trivia, this mineral got discovered in a mine in Silverton District, San Juan, CO


Addendum: As a little interesting trivia, this mineral got discovered in a mine in Silver ton District, San Juan, CO

I think we might have a winner here.


Is this ready to be rebased to?

Okay, some topics to tackle:

We need a new name for this variant. I definitely would want a poll on this to get ideas from the community. But rather than using minerals as the theme, I was thinking we could just stick to names that is related to blue in some way. I especially like CinnaBlue, a portmanteau of Cinnamon and Silverblue. Its related to the colour blue, it lets users imply the DE from the name alone and its a quite unique term which should help with search engine optimizaton and users and developers being able to find it. But again, I’d like to get a poll up to get input from the community. @jakfrost I’ll take you up on that offer to help with the polls!

Next I’ll need to make the necessary changes to the PR, and sort out some packages, namely removing broken packages and packages available via flatpak and installing gnome software in the interim to manage rpm-ostree and flatpak installation/updates

Then we’d need to get to work on making this an official version!

Technically yes but there is work to be done, normally, the above mentioned package changes. Also you would have to compose the tree yourself at this point since the repo hasnt been built and published as yet


Thank you very much for your contributions!

composing myself is out of my ability.

I will keep an eye on this topic, and definitely will test it once a repo is available.

So one bug so far is that the display resolution cannot be set permanently. Attempting to do so yields the error code: could not set the configuration for crtc 63

However, it may be the case that this is because I am testing this variant in a VM rather than natively

Another issue is that despite my adding firefox to the exclude list so the user can install its flatpak counterpart, the native firefox version is still being included in the final build

Lastly for now, @siosm, could you guide me on where to upload the composed repo so other users can access the image? Additionally, is there a way to setup automatic composing of the image once the upstream yaml files change?

Sienna is nice…


You can host it anywhere you like. Any static HTTP server will do. I use nginx to serve it.

Not that I know of, apart from making this an official variant. You could setup GitLab CI or Github actions with some cutom runners to make that work.

I support Renato, Sienna to the good for cinnamon

Update, I have pushed the files to the rawhide version of the repo, so hopefully the PR will be accepted now. Unfortunately, I no longer have the time to mantain this variant, as I am busy with university and work, but I do want the files around in case someone else is willing to take up the work.

Hey, I’d love to be the maintainer for this. Please DM me on matrix (
~ Velocity