Thoughts on an official rpm-ostree-based Fedora Xfce variant?

Hi all! I hope everyone is doing well.

I currently have a project for an rpm-ostree-based Fedora Xfce variant on my Github. I am interested in maintaining this as an official rpm-ostree variant, so am looking to gain momentum from the community. Is this something you wish to have as a part of the Fedora ecosystem? Thoughts, suggestions, questions, or advice?

I’ve been corresponding with Timothée Ravier (Siosm) who works on the Kinoite project and they have been very helpful. My next step is to submit the changes to the upstream repository

Look forward to hearing from the community.

–Jeffrey Serio (hyperreal)


Thanks for working on this! I’ve been maintaining a list of ostree-based variants and it’s great to see new ones propping up all the time!


I’m very excited to see this. Thank you for doing it!


I am also excited about this!! Is there a more official status I am missing or is it all still current here?

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Yeah that repo has the current status. I submitted a PR for an Xfice variant. In the meantime, you can try my unofficial Xfce variant here: GitHub - hyperreal64/vauxite: Immutable Fedora-based XFCE Desktop

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That’s awesome! Pardon my ignorance, but what happens when the PR is approved?

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No problem!

I’m honestly not sure what happens when a PR is approved. I know it gets merged into the main branch but I don’t know if the changes will be ready for the next Fedora release.

@siosm might be able to tell you more.

I currently have a test silverblue machine that I am rebasing to your variant. Is there anything that needs testing or a spot to report issues? Happy to assist with playing and keeping the momentum going (though I only have one machine).

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Nothing in particular comes to mind. You can report any issues here: Issues · hyperreal64/vauxite · GitHub


The remote has a new URL now. Just run:

sudo ostree remote delete vauxite
sudo ostree remote add --no-gpg-verify vauxite

The refs are the same, so there is no need to rebase.

Right now, mostly nothing. PRs for the workstation-ostree repo only have an impact if they are affecting files that are used to build Silverblue & Kinoite right now.

Creating a new variant is more involved process.

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