Would like to test SilverBlue, is there a SIlverBlue that has a functional (not gnome) desktop?

As title. I DESPISE Gnome. It is by far the worst DE ever made. Windows 10 is superior to it. It’s ugly, slow, bloated, and just irritating in how it does…everything. Is there a SilverBlue that contains ANY OTHER DE? Literally anything is better than Gnome!! Thanks!

@tlmiller76 please, these are bad words. It could not fit your needs, but you can’t be so drastic. It could look also a bit insulting towards to the developers.
The beauty of Linux and FOSS is that there are many alternatives. If you don’t like a DE, use another DE, without angry or nasty words.
For instance I use GNOME every day, and I’m happy with it.

Talking about Silverblue there was an effort to build an unofficial KDE version, and also with XFCE.

But I’m not up to date on its current state.


??? Nothing I posted was bad words. Where are you getting that from?

And yes, I’m aware of the choice, ergo why I asked if there was an available build of SilverBlue that had a functional desktop instead of Gnome. I posted nothing angry or nasty, just my personal opinion that using Gnome is slightly worse than using Windows ME.

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These are negative, bad, rude. Please read the code of conduct and refrain from such language :slight_smile:


No, they’re not negative, bad, or rude. They’re an opinion. Nowhere in the code of conduct is it stated “you may not state an opinion if it disagrees with the developers”. I’m not being rude to anyone. I’m not being mean to anyone. I’m not calling anyone anything. Not a single obscenity was typed. I’m simply stating an opinion. This is in no way against the code of conduct.

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They are negative, and bad, and they are rude. Them being an “opinion” does not change that.

The code of conduct does not list rules. The general spirit of the document is to “be excellent to each other”. You are not doing that here. You may not be calling out individuals or developers, but you are using extremely negative remarks towards their work. This is not accepted in the community either and is against the spirit of the code of conduct.

You are free to voice such opinions on personal places (blogs/social media etc.) but we do not accept them on community channels.


If opinoins aren’t allowed, how do I go about closing my FAS account? I don’t want to be part of any community that doesn’t allow expression of opinions.

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Hi Timothy,

I think that you opinions are freely allowed. It was just that the tone of your discussion was particularly acerbic and negative in overall effect. It would be helpful if you were more constructive with your feedback. Instead of describing the efforts and hard work produced by so many of our community as “despise”, you might find a way to identify that the Gnome desktop is simply not a good fit for your workflow or your performance expectations.

I personally hope that you will continue to find value in working with the community and we definitely welcome your interest in improving both the user and the developer experience by continuing to participate. I also hope that you will enjoy a less confrontational and more respectful discussion style that is more apropos of the Fedora community’s code of conduct: Code of Conduct :: Fedora Docs

If you feel like we are not being respectful of your needs, please file a private ticket in the Code of Conduct Repository for yourself so that we can better address your experience.


I get it, anything that doesn’t match the developers beliefs isn’t tolerated. If you could kindly point me to where I can cancel my FAS account so that I don’t have to worry about my information being used by Fedora than it would be appreciated.

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To achieve your primary goal of removing your FAS Account, you can reach out to the staff at About - Fedora Discussion to assist you in helping you to deactivate your account.

I hope that you will consider rejoining us at some point in the future. I assure you that you are a valued contributor. I also assure you that there are a vast number of opinions held by the developers within and around our community, but they work towards common support. The common support is why there are already options available for running other desktop environments.


Note: they have contacted me, and have received instructions on how to go about closing their FAS account.

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Hey @tlmiller76,
you could simply be more objective when asking a question. Your opinion isn’t so interesting, neither does it matter in the context of your question. How about you keep it for yourself?

As a suggestion, you could have simply asked:

Is there a SilverBlue that ship a DE other than Gnome?

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Hello @tlmiller76,
As you have been reminded, the community tries in general, which by community I mean includes you too, to not attack or disparage the efforts of others within the greater umbrella of the community. Boy that’s a lot of communities! In any case to answer your question, yes there are viable, and often more desirable alternatives to using Gnome on Silverblue. I have personally used several of them to see which may fit better with my use case. i3, XFCE, KDE, among others, and personally find Gnome to still fit better. The thing to keep in mind with Fedora and Silverblue specifically is that it is near bleeding edge software available for use, and Gnome fit’s with that since they are leading the way in adoption of Wayland the windowing compositer replacing the broken and aging Xorg. As for Win10ME or the like, I personally don’t like the cluttered desktop I have on my Win 10 Pro laptop for instance, it grates on my nerves every time I have to use it, and unfortunately that is often in my business. Personal opinions aside, Win 10 is still functional enough that I can get any work I need to do with it done and move on. There are a couple of Fedora Magazine articles about this very topic, and though they are specifically written for the Workstation variant, the WM’s and DE’s can be installed via rpm-ostree install desired-de. The articles can be found at this site Window manager articles . Please take the time to look it over before you decide to leave our community, we will only be weaker with one less member.

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