Integration of other desktops

gnome is at the moment the default desktop.
But will be other desktops added step by step e.g. mate,kde,xfce,cinnamon or budgie?

so at the end there is a freedom to choice which desktop you want use . This could be made during the installation progress.

What’s your opinion?:wink:

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I do not think this is possible for technical reasons for now, even if I guess rojig could be useful for that. There is regular Fedora for that. And having a dozen or so of images is just gonna make everything more complex and requires much more tests.

I am definitely advocating to have a minimal version where a desktop environment can be added on top. Ideally, on installation time you could just be asked which DE you want (if at all), and then it creates an rpm-ostree out of that which is your base or something.

Other DEs could just be not supported but it’d be nice if you didn’t have to go for full-on GNOME right away. Personally, I prefer to not have a DE and just build my own out of scripts, a file browser, a window manager, and some two or three other apps.

Okay, yes it’s important to have a smooth and minial version. During the installation you could be asked which DE you want.

Ah ok. Well I am a KDE fan;)

Have you seen this already?

Oh, I haven’t seen it yet. That’s great. So, I can just add the KDE;)