Plasma Desktop on Silverblue NOT using Kinoite

As we can ‘rollback’ if things don’t go to plan, and I haven’t used a KDE desktop since err KDE 3, I thought I’d like to give it a try again, with a view to probably just rolling back anyway :smiley:
Are we able to install a functioning Plasma desktop via rpm-ostree, and if so, which packages are needed, as not ever having used plasma I just don’t know what’s needed.
Would rather just install from the default Fedora sources rather than rebasing etc, as had no need to for using my current Cinnamon desktop.

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

You are using Cinnamon in Silverblue?

One of my wife’s only complaints on Silverblue is she misses Cinnamon, and customizing GNOME to behave/look similar just isn’t enough for her. I use GNOME so I was just looking to see if layering Cinnamon would be enough.

Edit: Never mind! I just rpm-ostree install cinnamon and now it is working as expected heh. That is awesome. I didn’t know it would be that easy. My wife is thrilled.

Awesome, glad I could indirectly help :smiley:
Yeah I like the idea of Silverblue but Cinnamon has been my desktop of choice since Gnome3 came out and I disliked it, and wasn’t a huge fan of KDE 4 at the time either…though I don’t mind Gnome 3 these days, I just prefer Cinnamon :slight_smile:

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The full package lists use for Kinoite are listed here (though it might be a tad out of date?), or you can view the latest package list here.

In my case, I left out some KDE applications, since I was dual installing with GNOME and didn’t want a ton of clutter, so I did:

$ rpm-ostree install breeze-icon-theme plasma-user-manager kwin kde-settings-pulseaudio xdg-desktop-portal-kde kinfocenter kwayland-integration kwalletmanager5 plasma-breeze ksysguard plasma-nm dolphin polkit-kde kdeplasma-addons plasma-discover plasma-drkonqi plasma-workspace-wayland khotkeys kscreenlocker pam-kwallet plasma-workspace kf5-akonadi-server initial-setup-gui kwin-wayland kscreen kde-print-manager kmousetool kde-gtk-config bluedevil ark plasma-pa phonon-qt5-backend-gstreamer plasma-desktop kdialog

(The experiment ended rather badly since KDE’s Wayland support was so…rough, but it was easy to clean up thanks to SB!)