Current status of Fedora Kinoite (official & unofficial builds)

Hi there!

Fedora Kinoite has not been released yet, but you can give it a try using unofficial builds. Official release is planned for Fedora 35.

See details from this Fedora Magazine article: Discover Fedora Kinoite: a Silverblue variant with the KDE Plasma desktop - Fedora Magazine

See also the original thread about Kinoite: Kinoite, a KDE (and now XFCE) version of Fedora Silverblue - #225 by Siosm

Work is in progress to setup Rawhide builds on official Fedora infrastructure. Fedora Kinoite is now available officially in Fedora ostree repository for the Rawhide branch. Progress is tracked in Issue #4: Fedora Kinoite (KDE Silverblue) - SIG -

We also need KDE Apps as Flatpaks. Progress is tracked in Issue #13: Build Flatpaks for KDE Apps - SIG -


I don’t mind being a beta test and report bugs here

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Questions about the bre the fedora kinoite
Will a new website be created for fedora silverblue kinoite, or will they add the fedora silverblue kinoite on the silverblue fedora site?

Fedora Kinoite will probably be available on the Fedora Spins page alongside the Fedora KDE Spin first.


I’ve been trying to use some of the themes for KDE from the “Global Theme” and the window decorations do not seem to work properly. When I apply a theme that isn’t Breeze none of the buttons or title/menu show up.

I tried Plastik (default) and installed some dark themes from discover but none of them work.

Any suggestions?

Hey @richardgiesige

I’ve tried installing some themes and changing window decoration and that worked for me so I would need more details to be able to figure out the issue. Feel free to open a ticket in the KDE SIG tracker with as much details as possible: Issues - fedora-kde/SIG -

Some themes are failing to install probably because they try to write to /usr

Is it possible to create a symbolic link to /var?

When I try to login to report my issue to fedora-kde/SIG it gives me a error “Strange State”.

Here is what my Kinoite build looks like when I applied the Plastik Window Decoration.

Link to my picture since I can’t upload.

What do you want to link exactly? What’s not working? I don’t understand.

This looks a lot like a hardware / driver / rendering issue. Could you try to reproduce it in a Fedora KDE Spin LiveCD? This should then probably be reported in the Fedora BugZilla.

Thanks for the suggestion about testing on the Spin LiveCD. I also have the same problem there. I’ll open a Fedora BugZilla ticket. I’m running a Dell XPS 13 from late 2016 or so.

I have a UHD screen 16:9 on this computer with and it looks like the problem happens when I go to 200% on the Display settings.

I seen that there is a fedora:fedora/rawhide/x86_64/kinoite branch in a official fedora repository, and tried to rebase into it, and it worked well. So, we have an official build available :slight_smile:


I also rebased to official Kinoite build on device used in work and found the following issues:

  • I had to layer plasma-nm-vpnc to be able to connect to my corporate vpn. I think packages necesary for connecting to most types of vpn should be in compose, Fedora Silverblue have it
  • Firefox included in the build not applying dark theme when it is set in plasma settings

edit: Intresting thing is that dark theme in firefox is applied well while running firefox from flatpak in Fedora flatpak repository

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