Missing icons in kinoite

I just installed the spin kde and all good

Would it be possible to create a rahwide kinoite ISO for me to try or will it still take a long time?

Informe de que me rebase a los núcleos os e instalado sddm y plasma-desktop
Saw see if the error activates while I use the minimal plasma kde, but my first impression is, some packet is in conflict

I’ve just completed a fresh installation from Silverblue and switch to Kinoite and I don’t have your issues. There is apparently something different on your system leading to this problem but I can not reproduce it.

For what it’s worth, I’m having the exact same issue with Kinoite 34, even after a wipe and a fresh install of Silverblue + rebasing, which (I think) rules out any problems caused by errant files in /home or /etc.

Desktop files seem to be completely broken, applications and system components that aren’t already Flatpak-based won’t show up in the menus, the System Settings program is completely empty and spits out the same errors that omlet1241 noted in this post and all of the attempts at a solution in the above posts fail to produce results.

I’ve rolled back to regular Silverblue for now, but being able to use Kinoite at some point would be ideal. If there’s any more information I can provide for you, I’m happy to do so, since rebasing to Kinoite again is a relatively quick process.

Thanks for the report.

Have you tried rebuilding icon cache with kbuildsycoca5, either as user or root?

Are you using a custom locale? (i.e. non-english?). That’s the only thing that I have not tested yet and could differ from my installation. We’ve had localization issues in the past that I missed as I’m running in English.

I tried kbuildsycoca5 already, forgot to mention that. It spat out a bunch of “Service type not found” errors related to mimetypes and didn’t do anything to rectify the situation.

I think you may be on to something with the locale, though. While I use English on my system, it’s actually GB and not US. When I get some time later I could try rebasing and switching locales to see if that makes any kind of difference.

Update: I did the rebase and I swapped my locale to en_US with localectl and also deleted all the plasma-related locale settings that I could find in my home folder, but the problems remain the same.

Update 2: Forgot to mention earlier, but I used the regular Fedora 34 KDE spin recently (prior to my decision to switch to Silverblue/Kinoite) and it works perfectly, and the same spin has worked perfectly on my computer in the past, so I doubt it’s hardware-related, if that helps.

Update 3: Another user has reported having the same issues over in the general Kinoite thread.

Just to add, since the forum won’t let me edit my original post any further, I suspect something might be going wrong with the Kinoite build’s reaction to the way Silverblue sets up /usr as read-only and defaults to using /var as the root directory for many previously-root (in standard Fedora) subdirectories. It’s just a guess, though; I have no real evidence to back it up other than my current lay understanding of how Silverblue is structured. I did dig around and noticed that every application that Kinoite complains about “not having a valid desktop file” is still in fact present in /usr/share/applications.

I hope this makes some kind of sense and points to some kind of solution.

Had some more time to play with it, and while I’m still experiencing the same issues, I found a couple of other things of note by launching plasmashell --replace via terminal and reading the output.

The following errors are present, which I assume are related to required services that somehow can’t be accessed:

kf.service.services: KServiceTypeTrader: serviceType "ThumbCreator" not found
kf.service.services: KApplicationTrader: mimeType "inode/directory" not found

As well, this error repeats almost constantly while the output is being logged:

kf.plasma.core: findInCache with a lastModified timestamp of 0 is deprecated

I hope this sheds a little more light on things for you. If there’s anything else you’d like me to take a look at and report back on, let me know.

I’ll also leave my system specs here for reference. I doubt they’re relevant, given the similar reports other people have made, but it can’t hurt:

Acer Nitro 5 AN515-42 laptop
Ryzen 2700u CPU with an AMD RX 560x DGPU unit
8gb DDR4 RAM

The system is running using the open-source AMDGPU drivers found in the kernel and mesa.

I also realize that I forgot to reply to you directly with my previous post above, so my apologies if you didn’t receive the other information in it.

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I took a look in the /usr folder and noticed that every file and folder contained within it is timestamped as 01/01/1970. Could this have something to do with it? All other timestamps on the system appear to be normal.

kinoite rawhide iso already exists

After installing iso kinoite rawhide advise5fszer rebase for unofficial kinoite 34 for now

This is on purpose, It’s a feature of ostree/rpm-ostree.

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I don’t understand this sentence.

Bad traduction english

what I wanted to say, is that by installing the Fedora kinoite iso rahwide, I’m not having any problems with the icons

Thanks, still learning the nuances of everything on a Silverblue system. :slight_smile:

So that’s a good news. It means that something is broken in my unofficial builds but that’s going away with the official ones.

That’s interesting, I rebased to the Rawhide branch after reading your post, but the same problems still persist for me (even after cleaning out all the config files and creating a new temporary user.) Is there anything else you might have done to your system between the last time you tried Kinoite and this time? Thanks.

Try to install the kinoite from the iso of rahwide directly

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Thanks for the tip, when I get some time I’ll give it a try. :slight_smile:

@Siosm Today’s iso has the same problems, would it be possible to pass yesterday’s iso that is working?

I have not changed anything for a week in Kinoite so I don’t know why some are good, some bad. Will have to investigate.