Writing Workshop Schedule

Continuing the discussion from Writing workshop 2024 planning (draft):

Hi all, here is a schedule confirmed for January and February. Check the Fedocal link for agenda and time link below to save your local time to calendar.

Writing workshop Jan 25 - Onboading


Advanced techniques for editing and contributing to Fedora Docs - Feb 22 by Justin Flory



Fedora Chat Documentation Room (#docs:fedora.im)

Fedora Documentation Room is open to a Matrix account from any homeserver.

If you are new to the Fedora Project and don’t have a Matrix account, we recommend you to create a Fedora Account and connect it with Matrix Account for best experience. After clicking the room link and signin button, press Continue with your Fedora Account. See image below.

Using a Matrix account with Fedora space (Fedora Chat) will make navigation of Fedora rooms easier and help access to Fedora tools such as Pagure (Git forge), Weblate (Translation), Fedocal (team calendar), and Discourse (discussion forum).

How to join Element/Matrix Video call

  1. Go to Fedora Documentation Room
    Room link: https://chat.fedoraproject.org/#/room/#docs:fedoraproject.org

  2. Click green Join Conference button on Jitsi widget. See image down below.

Workshop host/moderator will toggle video call option on before the workshop.

If you’re a presenter

If you’re sharing screen as presenter, join meeting using a Matrix-Element web app from Chromium/Chrome browser.

We are looking for presenters and moderators!

Please leave your comments if you want to take a part as a main presenter or moderator, so we can deliver varied content and encourage collaboration across working groups and SIGs.

Topic Time Main presenter Recording
Onboarding Mar Looking for a moderator No
Working on multiple repos Apr Hank Lee Yes
Onboarding May Looking for a moderator No
To be decided Jun Looking for a main presenter Yes
Onboarding July Looking for a moderator No
To be decided Aug Looking for a main presenter and co-host Yes

You may want to change the date of the January workshop. The Creative Freedom Summit is happening from January 23-25.

Hi Joseph, I knew the Creative Freedom Summit was scheduled for the last week of January, but I didn’t believe audiences might overlap. Writing workshop happens before the Summit.

It is too short notice for me to change.

From the first post-event Limesurvey we carried out in December, most active participants are technical writers and new comers, who are inquisitive about Antora and Git repository for Docs.

January workshop is onboarding session that continues on March, May and July.

Next Fedora Docs ‘Interactive’ workshop will be on March 28, UTC 12:00 with lots of hands-on tutorials on how to improve documentation using your preferred command line interface and text editor. We alternate time to cater for different time zones.

@pboy do you want to take the lead on next workshop? I recall you ran a workshop in Flock 2023, which wasn’t recorded. Could you possibly revive that for those who were not able to be there?

We could split sessions into two;

  • March 28 (30 minutes): Preparing my local Fedora authoring environment, a guided step-by-step installation on your computer.
  • April 25 (1 hour): Editing a document in your local Fedora authoring environment, a guided editing session of a real text.

Thank you!

Yes, I’m ready to do that. I could guide with a Fedora Desktop (Gnome or KDE or any other if I know in advance) and macOS. If someone wants to use Windows, it’s possible in the Linux environment. But I would have to know that in advance, because I would have to set up a Windows here. I’m currently Windows-free :slight_smile:

And if someone gets stuck, they can share their screen, and we can find a solution together. This approach was very effective in my lectures during the Corona crisis, but it required time.

The same goes for the second one.

Thanks for your help. You’re the lead on the day, so pick your daily driver for Docs contribution because it is tested in practice and most reliable for you. And you set the pre-requisites for attendees, so we can reduce setting up time for attendees. That’s an advantage when we send out what they need to do it in advance. We cut down waiting time for others in video conference.

We need to be little conservative about being cross-platform for Docs workflow because I don’t know if all dependencies to run build/preview script are available for Windows and even run without compatibility issues. We also need to be less ambitious about turning other OS users to Fedora…let’s do it one at a time.

For various article topics, it is impossible to review or write about Fedora Linux if they don’t daily drive Fedora Linux (to be relevant closely). Use of FOSS tools for Docs will ‘walk the talk’ about our love of FOSS.

Yeah, from a pragmatic point of view, I agree. I would just like to keep the initial barriers as low as possible. But that’s probably not always possible. Let’s see who wants to take part.

Perhaps we should introduce a kind of optional “intending participation check-in”, where everyone can indicate their desktop environment and their content interests. That would make it a bit easier for us.

As we now use Jitsi in Matrix Chat in Docs room, you can set who is intended audience for workshop. Justin set the expectation right in the beginning “Advanced techniques”. Before the workshop, we had a chance to shape up content topics and interest in advance.

I’m quite certain desktop environment does not matter if you use local authoring environment in Linux.