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Thanks for the info, but my questions are more so as a community contributor trying to look closer into the process. I have a PR in Pagure, which I have had to modify. Although moving forward with more clarity would allow me to be more efficient and have scope as to the project.

Thanks for the comments and info.

hiya, could you elaborate on what you want to solve and improve? Maybe it would help if you could tell us what part of existing guide solved your problems and what is not clear to you.

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Sure !

Firstly, My focus is on the Quick Docs. many of the Q/D’s have

  • outdated information,
  • Grammatical corrections
  • Process/step improvements
  • Removal of tangential/irrelevant information ( Scope of Q/D )
  • New Quick Docs !

My greater goal is to Translate the Q/D into several languages, but before they are translated, they need to be updated, which leads me back into the points above.

Scope of the Quick Docs should be defined, as the names imply, a quick form of getting steps to solve an issue. Some of the Q/D’s are very long and verbose. Include historical information of releases up to 25 releases prior. This type of information is arduous to read and can lead to confusion when in a hurry to make a change on your system. I see these points as tangential and out of scope for Q/D.

The Translations is a personal goal. We need more Docs translated to help in our reach to other communities. This hit’s very close to home for me.

To my previous Post, I made changes to te Q/D in pagure, but the pace of response was underwhelming. You can’t have multiple forks of the QDocs so my changes were accumulated into a large PR. It was rejected, with the caveat to modify it/ break up.

I think more community involvement is needed in the QDocs/ Wiki/ Documentation. I’d like a better understanding of the poeple involved and the process. With hope, to improve the Doc’s as a Whole ! ( Wiki/QD/Docs )

I hope that answers your questions.

You can only have a single fork, but you can have multiple branches in that fork, one for each change you did, and open a PR from every branch.


I will look into it this week. that way I can add back the changes I made.

Thanks for the tip. :bulb:

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Join a monthly workshop on 2024-07-18T18:00:00Z2024-07-18T18:30:00Z. Check this link to Fedora Calendar to save to your diary.

Jitsi link

Topic: Documentation Style Linting

  • Style Guides: how can you make sure writers and reviewers apply style guides across different working groups?
  • How does Vale help you improve your content?
  • Demo
    – 1. Run it on a local file or directory
    – 2. Enabling style compliance reports in GitLab merge requests: .gitlab-ci.yml

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I’m sorry to say that I have to cancel live workshop on ‘vale’ tonight at 18:00 UTC due to the urgency I faced at work and personal reasons. Instead, I’ll be recording the session, hopefully this weekend, and will be sharing the link here.