Call for Docs meeting agenda: 2023-06-07 UTC 18:30

Continuing the discussion from Possible Docs team work plan for the F39 / F40 period:

Following on from previous meeting on 31 May, I reiterate the minutes to give a heads-up before this week’s meeting.

  1. The Docs Team concentrates on those documentations for Server, CoreOS, IoT, SilverBlue, and Quick Docs. The responsibility for the editions falls to the respective working groups. The Docs Team can only improve the preconditions for contributions.


  1. Main focus is to facilitate contributing to documentation and to re-vitalize the documentation contributors group. Initiate various actions: CTA, writing hackfest, cooperative writing and alike to attract more authors.

Lead: Hankuoffroad

Agreed. We could discuss ‘how’ and ‘when’.

  1. Quick Docs improvement
  • conversion of all contributions to the category system
  • elimination of the navigation column
  • introduction of the new header data
  • elimination of the partials
  • Improvement and completion of the Quick Docs Guide, esp. the list of categories and tags.


Lead: pboy

  1. Docs Team takes over the site and updates the content (i.e. essentially the links)


Lead: pboy

  1. Improvements to the release notes are deferred until required resources are available again.


If you have other topics to discuss or any announcement to make, please share it here.

As a precursor prior to the meeting, I offer my suggestions to item 3 led by @pboy , and timeline to item 2 led by @hankuoffroad.

I suspect you @pboy appear oversubscribed in general. Can I and any other colleagues help you out?

Quick Docs improvement

Categories and tags
I’m thinking of bulk update, rather than weaving through each file one by one and opening PR every time.

  • Clone files and copy all file names in main / modules / ROOT / pages
    (maybe it is less messy than extracting file names in nav.adoc)
  • paste them onto LIbreOffice calc and add two columns
  • cross-reference file names and content
  • update categories and tags
  • set text manipulation to add two lines (category and tag) on the header line of file
  • git commit all changes

Please come forward to making suggestions if you have a better way or know a native tool/extension in Antora that I’m not aware of.

Contributor onboarding

Call to action banner on Docs home page

Question: Where to put it?
Role-based CTA suggestions: technical writer, UX/UI contribution, document maintenance

Agreement on the location and role names: end of June 2023
Open issue ticket: early July 2023
PR and review: end of July 2023
Completion: end of August 2023

Docs hackfest revival
As presented on F38 release party, I’ll keep you in the loop via the Magazine article.
Frequency: monthly, starting from September 2023

“Docs Writing Hour” was active between 2018 and 2020. See the meeting description on Fedocal below.

Join members of the docs team in #fedora-docs for writing time. This is a great time to focus on writing and talk about challenges and blockers related to producing content.

There is no formal schedule for this meeting. Attendees should show up and use this as a way to block writing time into their week.

What happened since? Could anyone who participated in Docs writing hour talk about any lessons to be learned or unlearned?

Project management
To keep things in order and get traction from interested individuals, I would like to encourage Docs team to use Epics in GitLab to manage tasks related to Docs website.


  1. I don’t want people to be barraged with unsolicited (often convoluted and long) essays posted in discourse.
  2. I lose momentum/interest if the task/project has no time goals or estimate (same goes for my personal affairs and any types of hobbies).
  3. Discourse is not project management tool (never meant to be). Let’s choose a right tool for the job at hand.
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Meeting minute

Announcement: Flock 2023

Call for proposal submission by 20 June

A hands-on workshop from Docs at Flock suggested: @jflory7 @pboy

  • a session about contributing to quick docs
  • live writing on selected topics where subject-matter experts could be conveniently around
  • do some content review and organization

Prepare workshop about Quick Docs: @pboy

topic: Continuing discussion and decision of Docs team work plan F39/F40 period

  • Quick Docs update: Bulk update test for categories and tags @hankuoffroad
  • Contributor onboarding: CTA (Call to action) proposal

Where to put CTA banner in Docs home page?
@pboy suggested it could be put as a very visible blob at the right margin.

What do you think of roles of Docs team is recruiting? technical review, UX/UI and document maintenance.

Next steps suggested by @hankuoffroad

  • send out a reminder once a week, calling for feedback in discourse by end June
  • call for design ideas and copy
  • open MR with design and wording to get them approved by at least 5 reviewers for the MR

Thanks for coming to the meeting today!

Thanks for your results report. Probably it would be useful to have at a location, which is easier to find. Unfortunately, that would be even more work.

Do you mean where to post meeting minutes or how to track tasks to be actioned?


I just follow practices of Docs and other WG that use Discussion as sharing information. I extracted key points from meetbot and restructured them into a conversational format rather than copying and pasting meetbot. I’m reluctant to use another medium to post minutes. If one wants to find minutes, we could say ‘use meetbot to find minutes and logs’. If you want to understand discussions and consensus made outside meeting, we need to search discussion.

Are you saying Discussion is difficult to find history of our threads? I have no problems with that. Advanced filters in discourse help search exact match of what I’m looking for.


If you ask me how we can track actions agreed in the meeting, I think actions could be better tracked on a project repository than Discussion.