Docs meeting agenda: 2022-06-29

On behalf of bcotton, who is absent until July 1, here is a proposed agenda for our meeting today, June 29, 2022 18:30 UTC in #fedora-meeting-1.


Any additional topics?

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Have you already solved the issue with @likeanushkaa concerning survey and such?

@py0xc3 Unfortunately, we lost contact. I’ll hope she will join us today, so we can discuss it further.

Hi everyone, so sorry for not being active.

Unfortunately, I caught covid last week whenever I messaged last. I hope you’ll excuse the delay here.:sweat_smile:

Your health is more important than Docs meetings! If you are sick, focus on recovering. So no worries about that.

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Thankyou so much!:grimacing: I hope I get well soon:))

I wonder if your survey questions include user’s preference on content format for user guide.

OS installer is a typical example. Who would want to read long text to comb through descriptions as their first experience if they have a quick video?

I would think of the following user personas in installations. To complement text-based instructions and manual installation guides (server, PXE),

  1. For visual learners and beginners using graphical installers,
    Screencast video for Anaconda graphical installation:
    → can this be a content format for Quick Docs section? What do you think?

If it is GUI installers, video wins. Also the video is the most under-represented content format in Fedora project.

  1. For advanced users using installation scripts / Post-installation script
    I know it is largely personal choice due to tools and workflow developers prefer.
    Do you think sharing scripts in gitlab are useful for adventurous users?

  2. For bulk provisioning such as Zezere, kickstart, Ignition, Ansible
    This is already documented well.