Docs meeting agenda 2022-03-23

Here’s the agenda for the meeting on 2022-03-23T18:30:00Z.
This meeting will be about our backlog. We will go through our oldest tickets, and provide an update for each of them.

  • Announcements
    • F36 Beta (NO-GO, next target date is Mar 29, next Go/No-Go meeting is Mar 24 17:00 UTC)
  • Previous action items
    • bcotton was to comment on PR#23
    • bcotton was to suggest split of user and WG docs to IoT
    • bcotton was to prepare an Outreachy proposal for docs content curation improvement
    • darknao was to work with Fedora Infrastructure to get permissions setup on the GitLab workspace
    • pboy was to start a PoC of the new content plan with the Installation Guide
  • Backlog refinement!
  • Open floor

If you have some time left at the end, you can also look into Issue #189: Audit the membership of the docs groups - docs-fp-o -

It is not time critical, but I think after 20 days maybe the issue can be closed.

Minutes and logs from today’s meeting are available.

@bcotton since you were not there, we took the opportunity to assign you an action :grin:
If you could take a look at #65 about release date in release notes, it’s an old one, but we think it’s still a good idea.
@py0xc3 we quickly looked at #189, and we think it would be a good idea to write the list of final members in this ticket, just to be sure not to forget anyone. Then start the cleaning next week.
What do you think?


I just updated the ticket :slight_smile:

It makes sense to check if I forgot to add someone who was not in the old member list.

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@hankuoffroad and @oturpe : with regards to Issue #189: Audit the membership of the docs groups - docs-fp-o -, do you want to join the docs groups as well?

Hi Chris, I’m happy to join the docs group.
I have some backlogs with the magazine articles. Once I complete them, I’ll work on the docs initiatives.

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It’s not clear from the logs or the ticket what you want me to look at. We could certainly add the release date to the release notes, but that’s something anyone contributing to the release notes can do.

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If I remember correctly, the idea was there would be someone, either a human or a script, taking care of the release notes. And you might know who that someone is and ask them to systematically include the release date, e.g. on the first page.

Ah! That’s @pbokoc. I assigned the issue to him.

Sounds good. If he doesn’t see a problem we are not aware of, we could close the issue as resolved.

Thank you for asking.

I do not think I need such access at the moment.
The reason I am involved in these discussion is because I am slowly updating the Package Maintainer Docs.
I do not see myself contributing to other docs in the foreseeable future.
So, my interest lies in what is needed for writing team documentation:
tooling and documentation contributor docs.
Contributions from my side will be single fixes for particular problems I run into.
I think the pull request workflow is the most suitable for such contributions.