Docs meeting agenda: 2022-04-20

Here’s the agenda for the meeting 2022-04-20T18:30:00Z. No issues are tagged for the meeting.

If you have anything else to add to the agenda, please reply to this thread!

I could spend some time today on the proof of concept, and now there is a very early first cut available. Be aware, it’s just a proof of concept, not a ready to publish proposal. It is to show the structure and possible content.

The draft is available at
You must provide the full address given. The base address does not contain any hints (it’s left over from my early times in the IBM OS/2 universe. Those were the days :frowning: ).

It includes a possible rearranged Fedora Docs homepage, better adapted to the current structure with different editions and spins. Furthermore, it applies to both current releases. Therefore, the space of 2 “boxes” can be used for this to indicate the higher-level character with the current design, as proposed earlier. I have a lot of other ideas to highlight that Fedora is not just a collection of divergent editions and spins, but they are built on many commonalities, e.g. administration of internet connections, software management tools, etc. Therefore, common documentation is needed, such as Quick Docs or the new “Fedora Tools” box. But these ideas have not yet been incorporated.

The “Anaconda Reference Guide” would belong in its own, new box “Fedora tools”, which would then also temporarily contain the current Administration Guide (which would have to be revamped next similarly as Anaconda).

The Workstation Guide is only a loose collection. Just in case, the Workstation WG doesn’t have any documentation yet, we could build on it and put together a kind of fallback guide. This way we could avoid the embarrassment that, of all things, the most comprehensive edition has just no (installation) documentation. (But at the latest, when Cloud becomes an edition, this problem will be inevitably obvious).

Finally managed to open issues at fedora-web/websites to improve visibility of

I didn’t create an issue for workstation. I asked for preference on the mailing list and received no response. I conclude that there is no interest in changing anything, respectively no change is wanted at all.

I know this is really confusing, but the actual repository for getfedora is Overview - fedora-web/websites -

Minutes and full logs are available in meetbot.


Action items

  • @bcotton to create docs-fp-o issues for repos to migrate to GitLab

Yes, it is. Unfortunately, I have discovered the hint just now. My discussion notification still does not work. Brave new world.

I open the issues over there as well:

There are 45 open issues (including our 2).
57% (26) are one year or older open. Among others, the #1. You could almost laugh.

29% (13) are between 2 and 6 months, among others such a ‘marginal’ thing that kinoite doesn’t even show up on getfedora (still doesn’t). This shall spur the contributors immensely, up to the unrecognizability and untraceability.

It is a vicious circle with the resources.