Docs meeting agenda: 2023-02-15

Here’s the agenda for the meeting 2023-02-15T19:30:00Z in #fedora-meeting-1:

  • Announcements
  • Tickets review: there are no tickets flagged for the meeting on GitLab
  • Quick docs update
  • Your topics here!
  • Open floor
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I see engaging discussion on whatcanidoforfedora. I presume it is geared towards more reach to potential contributors? If so, given ‘efforts to repurpose versus impact’ paradigm, what about visual content like Fedora Classroom in lieu of taking over the website?

Before I join Docs team, the following Fedora Classroom content firmed up my decision to work as casual contributor.

Writing Fedora documentation 101

Git 101 with Pagure

RPM Packaging classroom

I’m no content creator, but if we team up with relevant SIGs, I can work as part of a gig. We just need ideas and shared plan/topics to agree with ‘sensei’. I could elaborate this in the next meeting.

Very much agreed. From my point of view, the WhatCanIdo… site is part of using alternative methods to attract new contributors.

And a video like “Writing Fedora documentation …” would be another way. How about a video version of “7 steps …”?

However, I have reservations about forcing interested parties to hand over to commercial data theft organizations like YouTube. We have to offer such videos on Fedora itself, and maybe parallel on YT, to gain a wider audience.

Okay, I’ll leave the WhatCanIdo with you. Video is just another suggestion to address more people.

Delivery by offline recording rather than live streaming helps us get the sessions to more people.

At my day job I do a short demo of software and new features/QA test for support agents.

  • Write use case scenario and script
  • Test the process and revise troubleshooting process
  • Go over expected behavior of the new feature/software (common issues) and document it
  • Demo with a small group

How to on graphical interface is best served by video content. Personally, 10 minute video on virt-manager (GUI) was well worth my time to get on with VM on my workstation.

Design team uses PeerTube for video content. So I appreciate FOSS first. Or we can upload the video file to Docs repo.

How about a video version of “7 steps …”?

QuickDocs require continuous curation and technical review/update, so we need more people who are willing to look after Pagure repo, rather than GitLab. I’m not active user of WebIDE.

I’m just pre-empting some potential topics for the content.

Tools may divide opinions, and the workflow around WebIDE and forking is subject to review. If I produce the content in current form, it will be out of date quickly.

So I would rather suggest writing conventions (template, header and so on), curation (rewriting, consoiidating pages, and new topics), how to manage images/videos, and style, which are common goals and skills in any domain. Also this kind of content has long-life cycle compared to writing about walk-through of graphical interface.

Updates from me;
After a few days of extensive use of WebIDE (new beta), I feel it is an attractive option for video tutorial. As the new feature of fork update is introduced in March GitLab release, I will make minor revision on the page and suggest content script for a video tutorial. To make workload light, gif animation looks feasible rather than fully-fledged Fedora Classroom. I can lead this and work with volunteers who are an expert on video guide.

A video on ‘Writing Fedora documentation’ appears a big thing. This content needs to be delivered by true sensei/gurus.