Fedora Docs Meeting Minutes 2023-06-14

Continuing the discussion from Docs meeting agenda: 2023-06-14 UTC 18:30:

#fedora-meeting-1: docs

Meeting started by pboy at 18:30:48 UTC (full logs).

Meeting summary

Action item followup & Announcements

  1. Still in progress: Removal of outdated installation guide, @pboy (pboy, 18:39:43)
  2. This year we’ll have a in-person Flock again, after 3 years. (pboy, 18:43:58)
  3. https://flocktofedora.org (pboy, 18:44:07)

Track progress


Organize in-person meeting @pboy

Quick Docs improvement

  • Improvement and completion of the Quick Docs Guide, esp. the list of categories and tags.
  • conversion of all contributions to the category system
  • elimination of the navigation column
  • introduction of the new header data
  • elimination of the partials

Action: @hankuoffroad will prioritize batch update of categories and tags to remove navigation column. More updates over next days.

Role-based Call to Action

Banner showing options for Docs contributions. The purpose is to give signposts to potential contributors; do you want to become docs writer/reviewer? Docs UX specialist?
The next step is to create a first banner and publish it.

Action: Put a CTA banner on Quick docs home page. Continue the discussion at Documentation landing page CTA (Call to action) - Your feedback is important - #7 by hankuoffroad with a focus on QD.

Review Docs hackfest

Action: invite Justin to a thread about planning the next hackfest

Other sub-topics

Whatcanidoforfedora website and release note improvement: on backlog. Will revisit in next 2-3 weeks.

Open Floor

Special welcome to @riddled , who attended Docs meeting for the first time and is looking to contribute to Documentation, Website, and Design. :tada:

People present (lines said)

pboy (100)
hankuoffroad[m] (39)
ChristopherBush[ (15)
zodbot (9)
py0xc3naatMatrix (4)
darknao (0)
pbokoc (0)
py0xc3 (0)


  1. This meeting note is taken from meetbot in part. I added context and key actions if meetbot log didn’t catch that in human readable form. ↩︎