Fedora Docs Meeting Minutes 2023-06-21

Continuing the discussion from Docs meeting agenda: 2023-06-21 UTC 18:30:

#fedora-meeting-1: docs

Meeting started by hankuoffroad[m] at 18:31:10 UTC (full logs).

Meeting summary

Action item followup & Announcements

Track progress

  • Tickets review
  • Flock Call for Proposal: @pboy submitted call for proposal to host interactive workshop in Flock 2023 in Cork.
  • Quick Docs Improvement: @hankuoffroad exploring bash shell script for metadata update
  • Role-based call to action banner on Quick Docs home page
    • Revisit in a few weeks time
  • Review Docs hackfest
    • Review program in 2018 to take inspirations to shape up monthly virtual ‘write together’ event.

Action items


Open Floor


People present (lines said)

hankuoffroad[m] (63)
ChristopherBush[ (34)
zodbot (8)


  1. This meeting note is taken from meetbot in part. I added context and key actions if meetbot log didn’t catch that in human readable form. ↩︎