Docs meeting agenda: 2023-06-14 UTC 18:30

Continuing the discussion from Call for Docs meeting agenda: 2023-06-07 UTC 18:30:

Following on from previous meeting on 7 June, I reiterate the minutes to give a heads-up before this week’s meeting.

Open items (what was agreed on 17 May)

Please share the link of installation guide earmarked for removal.

Action required: how and when?

Track progress (what was agreed on 7 June)

  • Flock call for proposal submission: Peter and I have exchanged ideas on CfP content and preparation. I have shared a CfP portal user guide for new presenters in Discussion (linked to CommsBlog).

  • Quick Docs bulk update test for categories and tags: I’m exploring text manipulation to batch update category and tag. I will write about possible options on existing issue ticket.

  • Docs home page Call to action proposal: I want to hold off sending a reminder mid June until we have more input (say +3) about role names (technical writer, UX/UI, document maintenance) in the meeting and Discussion.

  • Docs hackfest revival: let’s review previous hackfest.

  • Whatcanidoforfedora website: @pboy to update a plan

  • Improvements to the release notes: @pboy could you remind us all of what your end goal is?

That’s all as far as I can recall. If I missed anything or you have other topics to discuss, please make a suggestion here prior to the meeting. Thanks!

Design/UX issues to prioritize;

#7 (scrollbar) and visibility of icons

MR fixes scrollbar width and visibility of icons. Thanks to @riddled @darknao