Docs Team meeting today (Oct 18, 2023)

The meeting will be held today, Oct 11 2023, #fedora-meeting-1 18:30 UTC
Because the IRC-Matrix bridge is obviously still down, it is IRC only again!

Topics to discuss:

  1. Proposal for a change in the structure of the Docs homepage

  2. Writing together virtually

  3. Docs team on F39 release party
    (nothing to link yet)

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Please find the meeting logs here.

Writing together
Just for the record, rehearsal meeting on 19 October was done with Peter and me.

  • Discussed workshop agenda and how we could manage the session.
    – 5 min intro, 5 min walk-through of Quick Docs web interface
    – Types of articles that need attention
    – Show and tell about UI text in Pagure
    – Interactive session
    – Share results, Q&A
    – How to continue Docs journey and weekly meeting
  • Test recording with OBS Studio: A/V quality good

Jitsi meet link for the workshop on 26 October 18:00 UTC is here.