Proposal for a change in the structure of the Docs homepage

I’m thinking of changing the Docs home page a bit to draw more attention to the Contribution, or at least make it much more visible and easier to get started.

The starting point is to rearrange already existing pages a bit to achieve the goal. A first draft is here:

I think this is not just a matter of the doc team. Therefore, I have added a number of tags to perhaps initialize a broader discussion

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I like the idea, but I think that the part where the project is described (the last block, called “Fedora Project & Community”) it’s buried. I think contributor docs and this block could and should be fused into one block

Yeah, that’s the current state, isn’t it? So the contribution part is ‘burried’.

I like this idea! Is there a single doc that serves as the starting point for contributing to Fedora?


This is sort of meant to be it:

Joining Fedora is wayy to complex. There are so many ways to start, so many things/places one can do/go to. So over the years, we’ve come to realise that speaking to people is the best part of joining the community. So, we send people to the Fedora Join SIG which does this:

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Agreed regarding the complexity. And as far as I see it, the joining documentation is so buried as well. It would be a useful part of the contributors section in my draft.

But so far @joseph is the first (and single) positive feedback until now.

Making the contributor guide as a separate block is really a good idea.

Also from the Fedora project home page, navigation from the top right ‘Contributors’ to the actual guide is a few steps down the path, but not without multiple back and forth.

For user journey point of view, it needs to be short. Docs contributor guide must be visible without fumbling here and there.

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I think one of the draws to open source OS’s is being able to learn about computing without formal enrollment in CS courses. This means there should be a sizable community of enthusiasts (proportional to cultural interest in computing technology) that are eager to contribute but would need some direction in picking projects to get involved in.
I’m not sure how the Welcoming SIG does this, but it would be helpful to provide the broad range of possibilities to a potential contributor, and onboard from there.

In my view, the Documentation organization already makes sense. There are many broad tutorials elsewhere about getting involved in open source (first result of a search today: How to Contribute to Open Source | Open Source Guides) The “Join Fedora” topic is a single source of truth once one has decided to look into linux distros that package open source-software. (I think is also well-publicized in Fedora Magazine, etc?)

Can this be covered by filling the Get Involved :: Fedora Docs page?
I would be more likely to next look at Engineering and Mindshare documentation to get ideas of projects I’d like to contribute to, for example a component that is well-documented and makes sense how it operates & interacts with other components. By being aware of strategic priorities and directions I might be best supported (well-documented, or membership considerations), I would then pick ways to contribute.

How would the middle expanded section be used by the Welcome SIG or project maintainers? I support making the current ‘Get Involved’ documentation small for ease of maintaining currency, which could be made at a high level: These are the components of Fedora, SIGs may organize their own releases (and here’s what that means), and this is how you get involved (including how to find/access SIG meetings which typically cover bugs of interest).

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+1 for the proposal for me. I work on Fedora CI and my change would better fit the new structure.

Can we resume the discussion here?