Improving Docs team page (step 2 of n)

I would like to share some ideas that we might discuss here and/or on our next meeting.

  • Currently not the moist urgent activity
  • But as soon as we start to campaign docs, e.g. publishing to comm blogs and try to attract the community, we’ll get subject to the wide-spread procedure today: search & check them.
    • Someone who gets curious about us will “search the internet”, looking for primary information, i.e. a project’s or person’s homepage, and secondary information, e.g. test reports, field reports, and information of what the project or item successfully did recently.
    • We have to avoid that someone reads through all the pages and afterwards still doesn’t really know what we do, how we do it and what we have achieved so far (and what a nice and friendly community we are).
    • In a time frame of about 8-10 weeks we should have a team page which does not give the impression of being a barely acceptable, unloved stopgap solution.
  • We should document our current work structure, as far as it is not too cumbersome
  • Create an archive of previous results and activities. Probably start with information where to find the outdated pre Antora docs (the repositories)
    • goal here: we are not newbies, but a long term effort with remarkable results so far.
  • We should update the contributors section

Potential extended structure of the Contributor pages

  • How to contribute (page)

    • content contributions

      • Many ways for various type of contributions, e.g. typo fixes, adding short information, e.g. a link, update an article, contribute a new article.
    • General procedure:

      • A author contributes a git “pull request”, i.e. a modified version of a documentation item, mostly a page.
      • A member of editorial boards checks and publishes or asks questions. Allow 2-3 days for a answer to an request.
    • Ways to contribute

      • Editing the file
      • Using the Web authoring interface
      • Creating a local writing environment
    • Design contribution

      • TBD
    • Technical contribution

      • TBD
  • Content contributions (page)

    • Ascii Doc (subpage)
    • Style Guide (subpage)
    • Using file edit interface (subpage)
    • Using web interface (subpage)
    • Using local writing environment (subpage)

We would get a new main navigation:

  • Fedora Docs Team
    • Fedora Docs team members
    • Fedora Docs infrastructure
    • Communication and meetings
    • How to contribute
    • Archive

This all looks good to me. I think the layout makes sense and it will definitely help us onboard new contributors.

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