Current Working projects review

Inspired by our meeting yesterday, which I experienced as very constructive and productive (and refreshing), I tried to summarize our discussions of the last weeks into a summary of the current situation and a list of working projects currently under way.

Dealing with old stuff

  • Reviewing Backlog
    Current status: Started and dealt with some old tickets
    Next step: continue walking through tickets
    Who: darknao (moderation)
  • Dealing with old pre-Antorra user documentation
    Current Status: initial discussion and planning
    Next step: ?
    Who: ??
  • Possible follow-ups
    • dealing with outdated repositories and our repository structure
    • dealing with old Antorra docs

Onboarding process

  • Getting to know each other
    Current status: initial discussion, proposal: “Featured topic”
    Next step: ? (proposal: starting a page “who we are” in Fedora Documentation Team)
    Who: ??
  • Possible follow-ups
    • improve visibility of docs team
    • Completion docs team doc

Reviewing current content

  • Reviewing "umbrella plan"
    Current Status: initial discussion
    Next Step: further discussion
    Who: pboy, ??, ??

  • Adding authors credit
    Current status: initial discussion
    Next step: ??
    Who: ??

  • Looking for synergy advantages CentOS & Fedora docs
    Current status: initial discussion
    Next step: ?
    Who: mroche (?), shaunm (?), pboy (?), ??

Improving docs UX

  • Adding a search function
    Current status: initial discussion, using Antorra plugin
    Next step: Waiting for Antorra development
    Who: darknao, jldohmann, py0xc3

Improving docs infrastructure / tooling

  • Moving to Gitlab
    Current status: ?
    Next step: ?
    Who: ?

Team Organization

  • How do we decide?
  • Formal / informal team structure
  • Who has commit permission on docs repo?

Perhaps we could create a thread alike “What’s cooking” and stick it at the top of thread list (if possible) containing a list like the one above.

And it would be nice, if we could complete the list, specifically fill up the many “who’s”. I expect everyone with commit permission to our repos (i.e. our current de facto core team) to commit to at least one topic and move the work forward.