Project: New curation of the docs pages

All our efforts to publicize the planned changes have not resulted in very much feedback. But what we did get was all positive. So we should just start now.

We need to create and/or to decide several items.


  • A staging area
  • A repo for the new Fedora text
  • A place for the boxes, i.e. text and the arrangement of the boxes
  • A repo for Anaconda guide
  • A repo for DNF guide
  • A tracking issue for the project

For all this we would need a plausible, self-explanatory structure and naming. With some horror our current structure on pagure comes to mind.

Missing Editions/Variants

Obviously, there is not the slightest interest in documentation on the part of the workstation and cloud WGs. I don’t think it makes sense to write documentation without at least the participation of the respective WG.

We can leave out Cloud without any problems. That is hardly noticeable. Omitting Workstation completely is a bit embarrassing for Fedora as a whole. Workstation has the largest download share.

I suggest replacing the Workstation box with “Desktop live media”. This includes Workstation, KDE and the various spins and labs. I can offer to write a short documentation for this.

I have created an alternative home page proposal: Fedora Documentation :: Fedora Docs
This also takes into account some comments from the feedbacks. For example, in the lower light blue row there is only direct documentation, the reference guides and quick docs. The upper row contains the distribution, Fedora and Epel. In the middle are editions, spins, etc.

Design and style

At least in parallel with work on the content, we should define a preliminary style guide. Maybe start with Fedora Magazine’s and see how far we get.

And we should develop a solution/design for giving credit to authors and other contributors. As Matthew said, credit is the only currency the open source community has. We also need to make the up-to-dateness of an article clearly visible. The way we do it in the server documentation is not exactly elegant.