Docs Team meeting today, Nov. 8, 2023

Continuing and expanding our discussion from last meeting:

The meeting will be held Nov 8 2023, #fedora-meeting-1, 19:30 UTC with IRC (there is still no Matrix bridge).

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Today’s meeting was open discussion on the three topics.

We forgot to instruct meetbot to capture a few actions.

@pboy , could you ask marketing team to open a post at Mastodon about writing workshop (on-boarding) with two intervals - 1 week and 1 day before the event.

Full meeting logs

Hi, sorry, I couldn’t make it yesterday.

Regarding the Release Notes:

  • @pboy, I saw you ask about the current state. There are still ~40 open issues, I’ll work on them a little bit more. Regarding empty sections, I’ll delete them when I’m done so we don’t have empty pages.
  • Speaking of which, I was thinking of getting rid of the current structure that’s separated into a bunch of pages. It was useful previously because it allowed us to build a proper table of contents. Now that we have ToCs autogenerated on each page, it’s no longer needed, so we could just merge everything into one page for each current category (desktop/sysadmin/developers). That would help with what Peter pointed out in the meeting - that some pages are very detailed and some are sparse.
  • Regarding @darknao’s script: Unfortunately the Release Notes aren’t really something we can automate. The script takes info from the Wiki, each Change has a “Release Notes” section there, but you almost never see anything that’s usable in there, most of the time the section is left empty, and even if someone puts something there, it’s not documentation, it’s usually more like a set of notes. So we’re stuck writing these by hand. There have previously been some attempts at getting Change owners to write useful info in there, but it never worked out, IIRC - and I don’t like doing that very much anyway, devs should focus on, you know, deving, we should leave people to do what they do best (and what they enjoy) and not try to make them write for us.