Docs Team. meeting today (Sept 27, 2023)

The meeting will be held today, Sept 27 2023, #fedora-meeting-1 18:30 UTC
Because the IRC-Matrix bridge is obviously still down, it is IRC only again!

Topics to discuss:

  1. Writing together virtually, event on Sept 28, 2023
  2. Next steps in improving Quick Docs
  3. Status of Docs issues and MR

Add you topic in a reply.

I’m sharing an update on the topics to discuss on 4 October.

  1. Writing together
  • retrospectives
  • schedule for next sessions

Oct: Quick Docs Technical review 1
Nov: Onboarding
Dec: Quick Docs Technical review 2

Jan: Onboarding
Feb: AsciiDoc template and attributes 1
Mar: Onboarding
Apr: AsciiDoc template and attributes 2
May: Onboarding
Jun: Git workshop 1
Jul: Onboarding
Aug: Git workshop 2 - How to use local build and preview script. How to test documentation

Top 10 pages viewed on the Docs Home page: Apr-Sep 2023

  • EPEL
  • dnf upgrade
  • firewalld
  • creating-and-using-a-live-installation-image
  • installing-chromium-or-google-chrome-browsers
  • Working_with_the_GRUB_2_Boot_Loader
  • rpm fusion
  • adding-or-removing-software-repositories-in-fedora
  • installing java
  • switching-desktop-environments
  1. Quick Docs
  • Removal of navigation menus and rearranging articles by category and tag
  • Pull requests
  • Issues to prioritize and triage
  1. GitLab Docs issues and MRs