Use PowerShell on Fedora

Hi everyone,

@ozymandias42 and I have spent a couple of days to write an article about using PowerShell on Fedora. Unfortunately, the process is a hassle due to the Microsoft docs not stating that the powershell package supports the latest versions of Fedora. We would like some volunteers to review our article. Thank you!

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Do you have a link to the article for us to review?

Yes, here

So you titled the article “Use PowerShell on Fedora”, but the article is entirely about installing it. I think focusing more on the use will make for a more compelling article. You can cut out some of the installation part. Maybe just include the “Direct install via .rpm file” and “Fedora Toolbox container” sections.

The rest of the article should talk about why the reader would want to install it. What are the benefits of using PowerShell (e.g. the native objects), etc. In particular, you want the first paragraph to explain some of the benefits so that readers will be motivated to read the rest of the article.

Does that make sense?


We were initially thinking about writing an article about using PowerShell, but looking at how complicated it was to install PowerShell the safer way due to lack of official support, we had to include workarounds.

Perhaps we can rename the title to “Installing PowerShell on Fedora” and later write an article about its usage would sound better?

Maybe. I’m not really keen on the idea of an article that’s just installing, but let’s see what other editors think.

Take this as a random 2¢ rather than Official FPL view… I think it’s useful to have easy “get started with…” articles. Many people might hit difficulties and decide Fedora is not for them.

What about a small series, starting with installation on Fedora Linux, then an article about basic use, and then one with some advanced tricks?


I’d be okay with that under two conditions:

  1. I’d want all of the articles ready (or nearly ready) before we start publishing them so that we don’t accidentally end up with a long gap between them
  2. I’d still like to see some “why the reader should care” in the opening.

Or another approach would be to take the “how to install” and add it to the Quick Docs. Then the basic and advance use articles could point there for the installation information instead of having that be it’s own Magazine article.

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@glb hey, I read your recent comment on Taiga. Since I still cannot login into Fedora Magazine, I am pinging you in case you may have missed this discussion. We have decided to hold the publishing of this article. Ozy and I will be writing another article about PowerShell so we can start publishing them.

Hello @theevilskeleton ,
You should be able to use your Fedora Magazine account . I set your account to the Author role.

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I know. Unfortunately the Taiga instance does not work for me. See 28800.

Thanks for the heads up @theevilskeleton. I’ll unschedule your article.

@jakfrost do you think you could have something ready for Monday’s slot? If not, I could probably edit #319 over the weekend.

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I’m surprised they haven’t been able to fix that yet. I recently discovered that I can delete failed invites on Taiga (not sure about successful ones). Would you like me to try deleting what I can of your exiting profile on Taiga and then you could try redoing things?

Yes, please. That would be appreciated.

OK, I think I’ve delete your old profile. I guess to run through the process again, can you log back in once now with your FAS account (I’d suggest doing it from a “incognito” session just to be sure nothing gets transferred over from your old session cookies).

I just tried it. Sadly it still does not work. When I login, the page becomes blank.

I haven’t redone the invite yet. Just a sec …

OK, maybe try a full refresh (Ctrl+F5) on the Taiga page now.

Same result: it doesn’t work.

Do you know where I can suggest back-end related stuff? I would like to suggest maintaining a GitLab instance since everything is interconnected, e.g. Kanban board, issue tracker, etc., which theoretically would make maintaining easier right?