Hello community!

Hi there!
Just realised I’ve been lurking for quite enough time and never actually said hi :sweat:
I’m Fran. I’ve been a linux user for some time, I think the first time I tried it was with Suse 9.3, but only used it seriously when I started college. In my beginnings I mainly used Debian and Ubuntu but since a couple of years I found a sweet spot with Fedora and the balance between up-to-date software and stability.

Other than that I’m a software developer and a father of 2 kids struggling to find time for personal projects :upside_down_face: I like music, videogames and team sports (more a player than a watcher).

So here I am, just wanted to say hi and try to be more active community-wise :crossed_fingers:


Welcome Fran. My name is David. I feel your pain finding time for personal projects. What kind of projects do you have in mind?

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Thanks for introducing yourself! A belated welcome to you.

Thanks all!

@hillmands the list changes everyday as one could expect but the ones that are still there:

  • keep testing Fedora Silverblue / Blue Build / UBlue to see if it works for me (potentially convince my family to use it).
  • learn to package software for Fedora. Goal would be to package this thingy for my Raspberry Pi case.
  • migrate my Raspberry Pi from OpenSuse Micro to Fedora IOT.
  • learn Rust or Go. The former looks cooler, the latter seems to be less troublesome and provide more immediate results.
  • learn Neovim / Helix and create a custom configuration. Like Rust vs Go, the first looks more future-proof, the second seems to require less effort :smiling_face_with_tear:
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@Franciso I am also evaluating Silverblue for family use and IoT for Raspberry Pi appliances. I have been learning how to use Ansible and git to create standard and individual images using infrastructure-as-code techniques.

Maybe we can collaborate in the future.

Hey Fran, welcome!

Well We’ve got some things in common ! While I do use NeoVim Daily, I’m terrible at it functionally.
As for Rust & Go, since I’m not doing too much professionally atm, I slowed down on this since last summer. Rust, very explicit. Go easier IMO.

Learning to package things for Fedora has been on my list for a while, but I learned to containerize thngs a long time ago so this has kind of been a block for me. Why package it when I can just make a podman compose / Dockerfile and be done?! :thinking:

On other thing on my list is to beef up the Fedora Documentation Translations, it needs some help.

Welcome to Fedora :fedora: :handshake:t5:

Happy day… welcome!

From Seoul

Hello and welcome :smiley:

Definitely! I had all my workstation configuration in Ansible already and lately I’ve been playing with blue-build (repo).

Thanks @hamrheadcorvette that was my impression as well. With little time, Go seems like a more rewarding option right now.

So, that utility is meant to run as a daemon to control the fans of this RPi case, that’s why I thought it made more sense to have it installed this way. Also, the recent Fedora Magazine article about bootable containers made me think that if I package it, I could be able to create my custom RPi-ArgonOneCase-IOT image. But, that’s probably me overreaching when I haven’t even tried to run the thing in the Pi :sweat_smile:

Do you have a link or something with what’s needed? I can only help with Spanish, but I’d be glad to contribute with whatever I can.

I have a thread open here on the forums, so if you would like to join that there are some basics in information.

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FWIW, my family is using Fedora (Workstation and MATE) at the moment and we can’t imagine switching to Windows. In fact, my wife often complains how difficult and unintuitive it is to do stuff on Windows.

Go ahead and try! Maybe start with something less complex first.

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Hi welcome! Nice to have you here!

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Hi Francisco! Nice to see you here! And I’m new here too. :handshake:

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