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I am going to start this thread as an outreach for assitance with Documentation in a couple languages.

Today I needed to reference some articles in Spanish for a user here on the forums, While selecting the language in the far right corner I was met with a mix of English and Spanish.

The image below shows the “es” for Spanish while everything is in English with the “Quick Links” is in “Documentos Rapidos” .

The results of this is another English only page for “Documentos Rapidos”

I’m assuming this is filler so the page is not blank.

There are other examples here but I would rather know what it would require to help the team update these with the proper language. I could potentially help with other languages down the road. What tools are used and how the process works.

Any information would be helpful.

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Translation is done here (Look for the projects starting with fedora-docs-l10n):


I’m going to go through it, and I have already signed up. So I’ll update this thread with questions and issues I come across. Can anyone provide more information on getting started?

You can directly contribute to translations after signing up. Weblate has a short documentation about how to use the site:

Also, there is Fedora L10N mailing list but it is not as active as other mailing lists:


Yeah, I appreciate that. I’m looking through and hope to cover about a page a day. How often would the sites get updated to show relevant/updated information?

I am not sure about that, maybe someone from docs team can answer that better. I remember it being less than a week but that was before migrating to GitLab.

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Indeed, there is some time lap between one makes translation (in Weblate) and the translation is published on the Fedora Docs site. Because Weblate pushes the translation at a certain time to the translation repository and the Docs site is built also at another certain time(s).

If your translation is not published within a couple of days, you can file a ticket or let us know in the[1] on Fedora Chat.

[1]: or, in case that link doesn’t work for you,


It’s too late in the day for me, but I’ll go through the Weblate tutorial and move forward updating this thread with any questions I might have.

Thanks :+1:t5:

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Hi all, just started looking into the Spanish translations.
There’s one string which I didn’t feel extremely happy about, but the others should be ok I believe.

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@franute :wave:t5: !

Did you sign up already? I was looking at trying to update the Quick Docks (Documentos Rapidos) in Spanish, because. . .There isn’t one? Do you think you can help there too?

Yup, this is the index, isn´t it?
As I said there’s one string that I wasn’t 100% happy about mainly because there were too many IT specific terms. I’m Spanish, but IT-wise I’ve always worked for the same US company, so there’s many times where I might struggle to find the Spanish way of saying something because I’m too used to the English terms :sweat_smile:

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While the Original Post was centered around a translation issue with the Docs, this next post brings up a problem with the Nvidia GPU as a Primary GPU, a function which only works under X11 and not Wayland.

Fedora ships Wayland by default, but Users expectations are different depending on their experience with Linux systems.

The documentation references Xorg and X11 several times including editing of config files, but I believe understanding these nuances from a new user perspective is hard, and requires knowledge of the Distribution that many do not have or understand.

Upon reviewing this document at How to Set Nvidia as Primary GPU on Optimus-based Laptops :: Fedora Docs I believe that including in a couple key places the use of “For Desktops with X11” or “Works on Xorg - X11” and also removing :

As these are no longer relevant or misunderstood altogether.

I welcome any suggestions, comments or any thing relevant to the updating of the documentation.

I made a commit to the docs Commit - fedora-docs/quick-docs - b9fe201e0d61681cc77cb750c3473be1bc4bb501 -

The changes only express the use of X11 and the relevant versions of Fedora. There are a couple of personal touches in wording.

Please let me know if more changes need to be made @computersavvy @phatle

The first image has an invalid text. The server would not automatically be set to xorg, but would only work when logged in using X11/xorg.

The second paragraph in the second image seems important to me. Users should be aware that fedora discourages users installing the drivers from any location other than rpmfusion. Maybe the first sentence of the first paragraph should be changed to indicate that these steps have been verified to work on current fedora releases and not a specific version.

Your commit seems to have covered most of that, but I sent you a PM about additional changes.

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From my Fork of the Quick Docs, I was looking at several bits that could use some freshening up. 1 such topic just came up which is VLC.

The Quick Docs Link :

I think adding how to troubleshoot, this would be useful considering most new users naively skip the 3rd Party Repos step, or do not have the necessary codecs.

@computersavvy What do you think? Any other contributors welcome.

Since VLC is now in fedora but is stripped of the restricted codecs and those are available in 3rd party repos it would be worth a comment to that effect.

I would suggest a note under the installing section to refer users to rpmfusion.

i was thinking the same. I also had the thought of including flatpaks? Since there is a move towards them. . . I still feel a rewrite of that doc is important becasue of the lack of understanding of the :fedora: bylaws.

I am seriously hesitant to add flatpaks except as a general topic since most are not fedora created but come from flathub (a 3rd party repo) and do not undergo the fedora QA and testing. Think the recent xz incident with a package from directly upstream!

If the only flatpak source were fedora it would be different.

As far as VLC is concerned now the only apparent issue is the restricted codecs and otherwise that doc seems fine.

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